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Kirill and Natalia
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1/200 second
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50 mm
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Date Taken
Apr 1, 2012, 3:28:26 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS6 (13.0 20120305.m.415 2012/03/05:21:00:00) (Windows)
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spor Photographer

his big hands xx

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Zaid9New Deviant


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just... wow. one of my favorite photos of all time. I think I had a (really great) drawing of this photo favorited before I stumbled upon the actual photo! amazing!
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MurkyVisionsStudent General Artist
Very sensual!
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Love this photo
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RawPoetryHobbyist Photographer
This is gorgeous!!
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How cute!
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szymkowskiHobbyist Photographer
nice one!
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BTBArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
Stunning !!!! absolutely stunning .
Beautiful image
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waikar3dProfessional Digital Artist
awesome shot
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that's strangely the most modest, sensual and playful nip slip I've ever seen. Beautifully tasteful.
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UrsaMinor45Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The hands are very expressive; great tenderness
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PenofGoldStudent Traditional Artist
nice body, no fat.
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*snicker* If you're talking about the girl, then you're an idiot. She's has boobs doesn't she? And what exactly do you think those are composed of lol? Air?
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JoeGPHobbyist Photographer
well they're sure as hell not made of fat [link]
this is what happens when you skip school
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From your source (wikipedia):
"the milk-glands-to-*fat* ratio is 1:1 in a non-lactating woman. In addition to the milk glands, the breast also is composed of connective tissues, white fat,"
"The Breast: cross-section scheme of the mammary gland.
1. Chest wall
2. Pectoralis muscles
3. Lobules
4. Nipple
5. Areola
6. Milk duct
7. Fatty tissue<-(In biology, adipose tissue or body fat or fat depot or just fat)
8. Skin"

Other sources: - ©Copyright: UBM Medica Australia, 2000-2012.

"Women’s breasts are made up of fat, nipple, glands (alveoli) and a network of ducts through which milk can pass from the glands to the nipples."
"The spaces around the lobes and ducts are filled with fatty tissue and ligaments. The size of a non-lactating breast is largely determined by the amount of fat it contains as the gland structure is not that well developed."

... damn. Looks like you got me. Guess there really is no fat in breasts uh? Please, feel free to disagree with both your own sources and health articles. If you still arn't convinced, i could always send you my university bio book :)
JoeGP's avatar
JoeGPHobbyist Photographer
From your own quote "the milk-glands-to-*fat* ratio is 1:1" ... so you skipped out on math class as well :-o such a bad girl
Let me translate, it means they are only half fat at best. i never said they didn't contain fat.
Oh and i "love" your sarcastic reply, thankfully i don't have to disagree with anything, bye now
noirart23's avatar
Well, since you're being so... precise, I'll point out that the original comment to which I replied said, "nice body, no fat." Thus, I pointed out that breasts have fat in them. The word I used, in fact, was composed. By composed, I meant that fat are parts of the whole, being the breasts. So no need to translate. I never said that they contained only fat. I "love" how you noticed how I named all the other parts that compose breasts. I'm glad you enjoyed my sarcasm :) and even more thankful that you've decided there's no need to disagree with anything. Bye to you too!
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JoeGPHobbyist Photographer
remind me next time never to talk to anyone who call's complete strangers idiot, they are usually talking about themselves
noirart23's avatar
Yeah. I mean who goes around commenting on a finished conversation almost 7 months old between two people they don't know, for the simple purpose of calling a complete stranger uneducated and implying that they lack intelligence? Completely ridiculous. Why, no one would do something like that. It's so pointless!
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PenofGoldStudent Traditional Artist
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Of her boobs?
PenofGold's avatar
PenofGoldStudent Traditional Artist
noirart23's avatar
Meh. W/e. I'm not arguing with an opinion. I was just pointing it out. It's a nice picture. There. Done.
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