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Windows 10 Taskbar Context Menu Tweaker

By Vishal-Gupta
UPDATE: A new version of the program is available for download which also restores classic context menu for WIN+X Menu and "Show/Peek at Desktop" menu along with Taskbar context menu.

New Windows 10 builds come with dark and huge context menu in Taskbar. You can disable new modern context menu and restore classic small context menu using following guide:

[Tip] Get Rid of Dark Context Menu in Windows 10 Taskbar
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Nice tip.
I tested on windows 10 version 1903 and dont work more.
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This is awesome
Great work
let's just say that the biggest flaw of human beings is the fear of change. This is an example
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That is quite often true.. the corollary to that pithy insight is that some human beings fear stagnation so much that they try to fix things that aren't broken and ought not be interfered with.

*In this example the clever folks at Microsoft couldn't help themselves to interfere with a basic and intuitive design structure that had been in implementation for 2 decades (I'm talking about something as trivial as the spacing between the options in the cascade menu.. 
🤔 Good design even 'Perfection' itself is so much MORE than aesthetics, it's function and convenience, and minimal impedance of flow; where years of collective user experience conditions us to expect certain patterns which synergize with our well established muscle memories (it's a bit silly to suggest that some of these basic OS controls could or should be operable with our eyes closed-- but they can be! and you probably get the idea)

All Microsoft would have had to do was basically exactly what they have done, only shrink it down so it conforms to the same size and spatial arrangement as before; less is more  -- Or they could waste their designers time making an optional shell for Luddites, people who've been living in caves, or mac users who need training wheels 
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How is this an example of a fear of change? lmao.
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thanks for sharing
hate the microsoft designers
the 2012 - .... era of plastic rubbish looking modern flat ui would be worst thing in the history of user interface designing
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