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VistaVG Icon Pack for XP

*** For Windows XP ***

More Info with Instructions -…

Here is an Icon Pack for Windows XP, which will change XP default icons with Windows Vista icons. So you'll experience the high-resolution Vista icons in XP. ;)

More Information & Instructions:…


If you want to make your Windows XP look-a-like Windows Vista, then follow this link -…
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uhh ehlp why is icno not work

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It's good.
Hei, why it's so difficult to download this file?
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Its nice,but when i try to install the package,is says that there are no icons. :C
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Perfeito, se parece com o Vista, mas a definição no desenho dos ícones, me parecem ainda melhor, vc é genial.
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are vishal bhai tweaking wid vishal site is urs
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Thanks for sharing. I added it! :D
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Thank you for the wonderful Icon package!
My icon packager trial is up and I can't use it, lol. :yum: So may you put one together? I would be so very happy!
Instant :+fav:!
-Morgan :)
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i have a pretty anoying problem...
i love it and i downloaded it but its a .iconpackage file extention, but i need a .ip file extension
PLZ help i love the icons but i just cant use them(e)
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Brilliant. I have been following your work for a while, Love it.
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ive downloaded both the package and the software but when i click on the "VistaVG" button in the downloaded file it just opens IconPacker with no new icon sets. any way of getting the icon pack to appear in the IconPacker so i can apply them?
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Try to manually open and apply the icon pack file from Icon Packager.
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Got it working, Thanks. They look cool :P
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very cool. i hate the look of vista but this is cool, especialy the folders.
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how do u download it
Great :D thanks,I'm using your tutorial right now :-D
do you have a .zip file?
Help! I tried fixing it so I made a new command for open, but i messed something up and now it doesn't open like it's supposed to! ahhh!

*Sorry I accidently posted in wrong page before
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Don't worry. I think you really messed up with Folder type. ;)

Just open regedit in RUN dialog box and goto:


Now under this key, delete every key and exit from regedit. Now your problem should be solved.
oh, thanks man. I still would like to change the icon. It never was changed. i was able to with word though, which is nice. i got an icon I liked more than the old one. So now, I just want to change the folder icon.
I actually found a way to do it without any of that. you just go to desptop properties > desktop tab > customize desktop > change icon. Then you can change folders by just right clicking on one of them > properties > customize > change icon.

One question I have is how do you get icons like internet and control panel on your computer? I can get a shortcut, but it has the ugly arrow thing. How do you just get them on there not being a shortcut. And when you do, how can you change their icons?
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