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Vista Seven Theme for Vista



***** For Windows Vista Only *****

Tweaking with Vishal -

This theme is not very special. It has been made to fulfill a few requests which I have received from lots of people.

Actually not all people like those fancy Vista themes having lots of transparency, stylish buttons, shell style, start menu, etc. Many people are satisfied with default Aero theme but they want to have a few features which are missing in default theme and which have been included in this theme:

1. New Taskbar similar to Windows Seven.

2. Transparent titlebar in Maximized windows. Note that the titlebar has glass reflection in maximized windows.

3. New Shellstyle in Control Panel similar to Windows Seven.

So its a theme which is similar to default Vista theme but having a few features taken from Windows Seven.

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Vishal Bhaiya its musta stil l11 hehe ... i was on ur web for tranform vista but i got
a little mess with it so i
closed that. do u know how to get Windows Media Centre For XP