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Vista Black for Vista Basic

I'm very excited to announce my new theme "Vista Black" for Windows Vista.

I have created this theme for "Windows Vista Basic" users who can't use "Aero" in their systems and are forced to use the Vista Basic theme. I have tried to make it similar to Vista Aero theme.

More Information & Instructions:…

Also check:

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Cool..Such a friendly theme.. I love it!
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Where is this download? When I click your download link it sends me to another page, then when I click download there is leads me here. ...What?? :(
only problem for me is when I download and go to apply it , its a black 'Windows Classic' theme instead of 'Windows Vista' Help?
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como se descargaaaaaaaaaaaa??
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can you port this theme for windows 7 basic? thanks
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i like it.

it would be cool if you could get the close buttons touching the top, like in aero.

otherwise i found no faults. nice job!
Sorry...I've gotten the two themes mixed up, disregard. Thanks!
Excellent work Vishal! But...
after updating Vista Home Basic to SP2 no longer works. Patched files again after updating to SP2 w/VistaGlazz, which was necessary, still doesn't work, while other themes I've downloaded work. Theme is black but start button is still Vista Orb and no transparency. Any ideas you may have as to why would be most appreciated. Thanks. BTW I was using this theme while I was updating...? Your Vista Blue RTM theme works though, with transparency and all!
Thank you. This is Excellent. Just what I have been looking to find for this operating system.
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Be nice if I still used Basic :D

Though maybe I shouldn't have upgraded to Home Premium, it takes a huge toll on my computer (uses whole 1GB RAM and as a result, it's really slow).

Nice nonetheless.
i absolutely love this theme....excellent for vista basic, got bored with my original basic theme..this is a refreshment....

i have a request..can you make the taskbar buttons large to go well with large quick launch icons ( just like windows 7 taskbar) ..that would be great theme for vista basic....

thanks a lot for such wonderful theme
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Thx thats awesome! =D one thing can u add a different start button like a white one
@ Vishal

yaar i downloaded the theme kept it in resource/theme folder then applied it ,,, but when i applied ,i can only see the windows classic theme with the wallpaper u provided !! rest all is same as classic theme!! what to do !! plz help !!

i am using the theme for the first time !!
i use vista home basic sp1 !! genuine :)
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thanks for sharing your nice work!
hey can i apply this theme on xp??
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Nope. Its only for Vista but there is an XP port of this theme:

hell yeah, it's really awesome, keep postin' thx
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I love this theme. Been using it for a long while now.
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