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SevenVG RTM Theme for XP


Black version available -…

Normal Taskbar version available -…

*** For Windows XP ***

>>> First and Best Windows 7 look-like Theme for XP <<<

This theme has been created for Windows XP users so that they can enjoy the new Windows 7 look in their good old XP.

How to Use -…

SevenVG is the first theme for Windows XP which:

  • Brought Windows 7 look to XP
  • Introduced Superbar (re-designed Taskbar) in XP

And everyone here knows that almost all other Windows 7 themes are based on "SevenVG" theme. Although many theme creators are gentle enough to provide credits but some are not and I'm regularly getting PMs from people notifying me about various DeviantART members who are ripping SevenVG theme.

Anyway, lets talk about this new theme!

"SevenVG RTM" is an update over previous "SevenVG RC" theme. I have updated lots of resources in this theme and fixed various bugs reported by all of you. I really appreciate your valuable feedback.

Following are some major changes in this new theme:

[Changes List]

  • New Taskbar buttons similar to Windows 7 RTM (with round corners, updated colors and glow effect)
  • New User Pic frame in Startmenu similar to Windows 7 RTM
  • Windows 7 default Userpic is shown in Startmenu if Welcome Screen is not enabled
  • A brand new Startmenu in Basic style similar to Windows 7 RTM (Thanks to XibaD)
  • MSN icon replaced with Windows 7 logo in Basic Startmenu
  • New Menubar matching with Windows 7 RTM
  • New Quick Launch graphics and buttons spacing updated to match with Windows 7 RTM
  • Quick Launch "Large Icons" issue fixed. Now Taskbar height remains same.
  • A brand new "Styler" toolbar included to match Windows 7 RTM
  • Titlebar buttons graphics and position updated
  • System Tray icons position updated to take less space
  • New "Hide Inactive Icons" resources
  • "Details" view graphics in Explorer updated to match Windows 7 RTM
  • Taskbar resources updated for proper view in Top, Bottom, Left and Right sides
  • New "All Programs" Menu Background matching with Windows 7 RTM
  • And lots of other small graphics updated
  • At last many bugs fixed as usual

I have tried my best to make this theme absolutely look-like Windows 7 RTM and I hope you all will enjoy this new version.

Installing this theme is very easy. You simply need to run the "Theme.exe" file. If you are not sure where to start from, please take a look at following link which contains proper instructions:

How to Use -…

You might also like following tutorial which teaches you how to transform Windows XP into Windows 7 without using any 3rd party pack:

Transform Windows XP into 7 -…
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to the people who wants to download this

press in this icon, you need to be logged in devian art

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i like it more than the 1.0 theme
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Very nice work. Thanks much! (-:
There is no download button...
how to download pls help...
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I really like this theme, but the only 2 problems are that on Firefox, the Aero only displays some of the close/open buttons. Also, for the bottom bar, how are you able to pin things and open new tabs like windows 7? My computer only shows the small buttons. Please help!
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This is only a theme. It cant change functionality of Windows. If you want to add pin support to Taskbar, you'll need to use 3rd party software such as ViGlance.
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Thanks to AVG I won't download this.
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Awesome themes. Thanks
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is there red colour for this theme?
Where Can i get the Icon Packager ? :(
ok I downloaded and installed this program. After I installed it, my computer crashed with the blue screen of death, and then became so slow its almost to slow to run now. So Im just putting this out there that its most likely infected with some sort of virus. I would advise no one else to download it, and Im requesting this be taken down from deviant art.
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Its easy to blame other things. It might be possible that you downloaded some 3rd party software which caused your problem.

Its only a theme and absolutely safe to use.

It might be also possible that you tried to download UXTheme patcher to apply 3rd party themes and downloaded a wrong software containing malware. Or may be you clicked on an ad which downloaded spyware.

All software and themes released by me are safe and genuine. You can trust my words.
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Windows 7 theme for Windows XP
Hi Vishal

Thanks for a great theme.  Just one request: Can you move the icons in the qiucklaunch bar closer together.  This would be the icing on the cake for me.
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help Me I dont Know What IM Doing

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do u have styler?
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Give me the link of UX theme patcher
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how can i change the lokks of files and folders?its remain the same like me pls..........
sukanya0302's avatar
how can i change the look of files and folders....its remain the same view like xp.....pls help me..........
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