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SevenVG Black RTM Theme for XP

By Vishal-Gupta
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UPDATE: Normal Taskbar version available -…

** For Windows XP **

This theme is a Black version of "SevenVG RTM"… theme for Windows XP which is the first Windows 7 look-a-like theme for Windows XP.

How to Use -…

Tutorial for Transforming XP into 7 -…

Tutorial for Transforming Vista into 7 -…
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this will work as aero glass when you put a solid black wallpaper
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on the right side by the gallery theres a download button
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HOw tO INsTaaL THis 

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look no download how to download
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Como baixo o tema  para windows xp, "SevenVG Black RTM " ?

How to download theme for windows XP, "SevenVG Black RTM"?
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Where is the download link?
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How to uninstall it?
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switch back to your windows xp luna theme
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Like it very much, great work. In some of the programs the fonts look strange when using this, but other than that awesome VS. Tnx a lots.
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Than'x For Théme
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Very awsome worke dude! I use this theme all the time ! Thank you!
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Is there a version of this for Vista? Or a similar one? The ones I like for Windows Vista that are somewhere else on Deviantart don't work for some reason. And I really like SevenVG for XP since i use it for all my laptops with XP
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You can check following: [link]
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Its not a windows 7 theme. SevenVG is like my fav theme. But no vista veersion.
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Hi. Thank you, this is really really nice!!!

HOWEVER, could you release a future Black RTM Theme for XP, which has the taskbar background purely black, eventually glossy? What I mean is, that if a user modifies the registry files in Windows XP for a 128PX icon size in the taskbar, the current taskbar background copies itself and look poor in quality and no logic in the design. Here is what I am talking about: [link]

Thanks so much!!!
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Hi Vishal!!!

Great looking Theme. However, is there a way that I could remove the Start Orb completely? I actually got this Start Button Icon to be used with Rainmeter from another great designer and if only there's a way I could remove the Orb in your theme that would make my desktop perfect. I'm a newbie but I would be interested to get some instructions from you.

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Really Great theme
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you suck, get a real windows 7
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