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AeroVG Ei8ht.1ne Theme for Windows 8.1

By Vishal-Gupta
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UPDATE: Now this theme comes in 4 styles: Round and clear, Round and shiny, Square and clear and Square and shiny.

Here is an exclusive Windows 8.1 version of popular Windows 7 theme "AeroVG Se7en".

This theme can be used in Windows 8.1 only.

How to Use instructions -…


Update 5 (Nov 18, 2014): Reimported the theme, 4 new styles added, Start Menu searchbox bug fixed.

Update 4 (May 06, 2014): Small icon taskband buttons issue fixed.

Update 3 (Apr 22, 2014): Taskband button bug fixed and a few UI improvements.

Update 2 (Apr 09, 2014): Theme updated with some new resources to support Windows 8.1 Update 1 aka Feature Pack.

Update 1 (Mar 06, 2014): Jumplist bug fixed and a few UI improvements.

Thanks to "supershadow124" for porting this theme to Windows 8.1. Also thanks to "xXiNightXx" for helping in fixing the jumplist bug.

Download this theme for Windows 8 -…
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In my opinion Aero is more modern than Metro.

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Can you make a version of this for Windows 10 1703 plz?
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Dear Vishal, 

Does it work with Windows 8 pro x64 update 3. 

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This theme will work in Windows 8.1. only.
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He had a spelling mistake but Windows 8 doesn't have updates 1-3. So maybe he is using 8.1
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This is actually a pretty good look for Windows 8.1. Very unique, but also tasteful.
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Thankyou! Soo much for the amazing theme
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AeroVG? Aero? AERO?!?!?!?! WHAT?!?
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now i see support windows 8.1 update 1
i'm sorry i didn't see that
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can you port it to windows 8.1 update 1 with Aero Glass ( please?
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thanks you this is a best theme ever for windows 8.1
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How do I download this without using your installer which insists on inserting a toolbar that I don't want!

Just found the download button - didn't see it on the right side of the desktop.
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It seems you clicked on the ad shown on Deviantart website. You need to click the right download button. Its just a theme and doesnt contain any bundled toolbar, etc.
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You are welcome.
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this theme really takes my breath away woooow! what a theme! keep up man!
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Thanx for supporting the feature pack.:)
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You are welcome. :)
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VG, this awesome one. But can you makes the minimize, restore, and close button flat?

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Anyway to hide the folderband?
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