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Hi, I recently found a bit of time to start doodling again, I have just posted the first doodle I've done in a while, I am working on a more structured work at present and hopefully will post this soon. I look forward to spending time catching up with all the changes here on deviantART and dropping thank you's to anyone I have missed recently :)
At present I'm away from home so no access to my laptop so this and any other comments are being done on my phone. I have one Doodle I have done that needs scanning which will get posted next week when I return home and hopefully will get a chance to do so more while I'm away :)
Hello, haven't posted for a bit.
I have just uploaded a new drawing.
Which is a companion piece to a triptych that I have hanging in my kitchen.  I have not posted this picture but may do so sometime in the future.
Of late I have been dabbling with digital painting, I took the leap about a month ago and went out and bought a Wacom Tablet and since then I have been slowly teaching myself how to paint in Photoshop.
I'm working with an old oil painting I started over 15  years ago but never finished giving it a completely new breath of life.
I hope to post it soon :)
Please ignore the last Journal entry :)

As you may of noticed I posted a new drawing yesterday after I found some time at the weekend to finish off Fishers Close which I had been working on for some time.
I have still not made up my mind If I will post the other drawing I finished recently, we will just have to wait and see.
After xmas I will hopefully find more time to draw as I have a number of different ideas of what to do next.

So to everyone on deviantART and especially anyone who watches me have a very Lovely Christmas and a Fantastic New Year :D

All righty, been away a bit.  

I have been busy with lots of things (very few art based) and about 3 weeks ago I finished work on a piece I had been working on since the summer, which was a bit of a commision for someone very close :).

Now it is finished and I am pleased with the end result.

The only thing is I'm not sure if I will post it.

I really am sitting on the fence with this one. We will just have to see.

I'm now free to go back and finish the allusive Fishers Close I was working on before the summer.

Yes this is the drawing that I messed up a bit and decided I did not like another part of it but I was not going to give it up.

The only problem being, time as always is very scarce and with the onset of xmas, It will be difficult to find time to draw.

So what I'm really saying to anyone reading this is that it may be the New Year before I post anything new.

Oh Hum, a week of issues first the next drawing I was working on had a bit of a Accident and even though it was 2/3rds finished is now pretty un-recoverable.
Then my scanner has gone on the blink!
It is really old and only works on XP and I have been using it through Virtual box and now I can't seem to get it recognised.
Time to draw is also another issue there is just to much going on at the moment.
So apologies for not posting anything lately I will try to get something sorted when time allows.
Well I just back from a ten day break in a much sunnier location :D, so apologies must go out to anyone that left feedback, I have had no internet and could not respond :(
But back online now and have responded to everyone so now upto date :)

I have done 2 new doodles that I hope to have up in the next few days, they were drawn either sitting on the balcony of the apartment or on the plane home.
Plus I have still a number of things in various stages that with time and renewed vigour that I intend to get finished soon.

So I will hopefully post some more things soon :)
Feeling a bit better today, posted a love heart design for going on the bottom of my replies, I still need to work out how to get it there but shall be trying it out soon.

Edit: Completely failed! To figure out a way to attach a picture to my replies. I thought there was a way but no luck. If anyone knows of a way to do it please let me know :)
I've been feeling a little under the weather lately, had managed last week to get started inking my new Victorian Edinburgh drawing which now has a title, "Fishers Close" after its location.
But have not been able to do much since the weekend as my attention span is almost non-existent.  
So in-between lying around feeling sorry for myself and watching endless re-runs on "Dave".
I inked in a small sketch I had done a couple of months back when I had wanted to have some practice drawing faces.

Cheers Iain :)

p.s. Thanks to everyone lately that has visited and viewed some of my work  :D
Right after a bit of a search I found an old painting that I had mentioned in a previous post.
It was stuck up in the rafters of the garage.
I had said that I had used an early image of the young  Rachel Weisz for the basis for a figure in quite a large painting I had started in the early 90’s, but never finished.
This is now very apparent as the background and detail of the clothing and hands etc, is very vague.
Since it is very large I had tried to take photos of it because it just won’t  fit in the scanner and it would take me hours to piece it all together.
But I could not get a good enough image to post.
So I have just scanned in the two figures.
The Painting was meant to be of characters from Anne Rice’s book The Witching Hour which I had just finished reading at the time. For those who know the book the female is Rowan Mayfair and the male is the spirit Lasher. Rowan was on a sweeping staircase and Lasher half hidden in a doorway under the stairs.
I also found another painting in the rafters, this time completed.
A quite large oil on canvas. That let me take a reasonable photo of it.
There is a bit of light reflection on top right hand corner but it’s not too bad.
This one was painted before the other one and was of the Character Mina Harker from the Coppola version of Bram Stokers Dracula.
I have also finished the rough sketch work for the next Victorian Edinburgh Pen and Ink drawing so can start inking it in soon.
I  also want  to draw a Avatar for this page incorporating the name Viseral, I have a couple of ideas, so they may appear soon.

New avatar drawn and in place :)
Posted Seahorse Doodle, might rotate it and post it again because I think it looks a bit like a flying insect of some kind. Also hopefully continue working on the 2nd image in my Victorian Edinburgh Project, still some pencil layout bits to do before I can start the really fun bit of inking it.
Yesterday I started posting a few of my drawings and doodles that I had lying around. Did a bit of a doodle on the train to a conference this morning hopefully will finish it and post it by tomorrow.