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Workings Of The Evil Twin

So u blame someone for doing something to u, screwing u over. So obsessed are u with playing victim and pointing fingers that u fail to realise that u had a part in ur own "murder". Yes, u arranged the planets, u spread ur legs and u got screwed. You don't see it, ur evil twin made sure of that. And this is what it looks like, that blinding perfect plan, when the rhythm is right & the world conspires, with ur help of course.

"Anybody knows u can conjure anything by the dark of the moon"- Tori Amos.

Inkscape / Textures & color tweaks in Arsoft PhotoStudio 5.5 .
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This is insane.
hugMEETSkiss's avatar
funky colours!!! :heart: LOVE IT BOY (or girl)
thesvetislav's avatar
Very sharp and very temperament!
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Thanks again mate and thanks for the fave as well!
TinoDeak's avatar
Definiatly(?) a favorite!
PS: Really interesting description :D
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Yup, the description makes you think, doesn't it. Sometimes it's all ouw own fault. Thanks very much for the fave and comment! :D
TinoDeak's avatar
My pleasure. Thank you for posting such art :)
0ZNEUTRAL's avatar
The design is rather nice; even though it's really busy as a piece, it really conveys the message. The background melt is awesome. Maybe more of clockwork, or struggle?
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Clockwork? Now why didn't I think of that! I appreciate the suggestion & comment. Thank u!
Palmix's avatar
It's so colorful! Great work:)
Spiritofdarkness's avatar
that's a really nice work :thumbsup:
jmschichtel's avatar
very clean, and i like the color palette. the only this i don't know if i like the little dancing symbols across the bottom, i don't think you need those but meh might just be me.
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Man, u don't know how many times I took them out but I realised in the end without them the whole scene wudn't be complete.

Thanks for the comment!
screamingdigital's avatar
Excellent love the way the pattern pieces all fit great colors too.
stare1988's avatar
I love the colors and the how the whole composition works togather! :D
good job!
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Hurricane-Jeanne's avatar
The colors are stunning and yet blended so smoothly without losing their brightness and overall impact. It's like a bright watercolor. The planet signs are an excellent touch as well :D
Viscious-Speed's avatar
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