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Warped Architecture 2

The itch for architecture still here, thus this.

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Colored Pencils on Colored Paper.
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Ashes2Ashes9986's avatar
Beautiful. I love the added effect from the colored paper.
Fleur555's avatar
This is wonderful. As much as I love the green, I think it's the purple that makes it outstanding. ^_^
bear69designs's avatar
Nice choice of media which yielded a lovely result. Very nice color choices, very well-matched to the background tone. I really like this one. I would like to see something like this with a bit of shading in the background, so that there is some shadowiness between the buildings that brightens as the sky appears further up.
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Thanks for the compliments! I might do sumthing with skies the next lot so keep ir fingers crossed! =D
MerryMeeper's avatar
I really like the coloring on this... especially the subtle purple you put into the shadows, it really makes things pop. Is this just on construction paper?
Viscious-Speed's avatar
U're right, it is on construction paper. Thank u for ur kind words & I'm glad u like the coloring! =D
MerryMeeper's avatar
That's so cool! Materials like colored pencils and construction paper tend to be looked down upon by "fine artists" but you can do such cool things with them! I love showing them things like this and watching their mouths drop open. tehehe
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Eh, I know what u mean. It's sad that many think that way about color pencils but hey, at least we love it!
orangefrute88's avatar
wow, i love these buildings of yours... i love it all! nice to meet you :)
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Thanks for the love! And nice to meet u too! =D
Deeevilish's avatar
God :faint: this is great !!!!! colours r :faint: !!!
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Thank u! And thank u buckets for the fav! =D
sc00by's avatar
It seems that I can watch these buildings for hours and hours.....there is something tempting, mysterious and unusual in them! THANKS for giving me an inspiration!!!!
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Thank u for ur positive feedback! And it's good to know I've inspired u with this piece. :highfive:
ColdBlueSpider's avatar
ahhh wow i love the colors in this ^_^
very nice work, you have such a great style
this looks like it would make a good cover for something
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Glad u like it! =D Thanks for the comment!
zeniram-anibru's avatar
after the orange paper u got the green paper! lol! :D it's good! green bg and orange pencils!
Viscious-Speed's avatar
:lol: I didn't even realise that!
cooley's avatar
Woo! Another jiving town!
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Yup! Thanks for the fav on this! :hug:
Froda-Stoney's avatar
Very nice and funny, though I think the green bg it's a bit too dark, the coloured pencils don't have enough importance.
Viscious-Speed's avatar
U're right about the green bg, it is dark but I can't change it cos that's the actual color of the paper.

Thank u again for the comment & fav ari! =D
GhettoDaveyHavok's avatar
like the otehr piece of the first one, u do brilliant wit color pencils and shading. got da totally 3d look. beautiful colored shading... aw yes and green paper... i :love: green... *drools like homer simpson*

a little question... you've dealt wit doing what they call "realistic" stuff? just wondering, cus i never seen the "realistc" life lookin stuff, but i see it aint ur style. aint dissin, but im just wondering cus u do a hella great job shading and a well great job doing the perspectives of these architexture pieces.
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