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Hi hello howdy, welcome to my page.

If you post AI art, get lost. I don't want you near me or my work. AI-generated images do not belong on DeviantART or any other site intended for artists. They may be a tool to be used as inspiration, but they are not, themselves, art; don't neglect your own skills because AI generation is so much "easier".

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How To Train Your Dragon
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Anything by Mercedes Lackey
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Hollow Knight
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PS4 or Switch
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Wacom Intuos4 + FireAlpaca (sometimes Mischief for sketching)
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Art, music, roleplaying.
@Kukuri-arpg @Kim-Oasis @Saurian-Amoux @Soar-ARPG -=- Hello and welcome to my commission journal, folks. For reference, the above listed ARPGs are the ones I'll be offering art for - and a major feature of this journal is me trying to actually do anything for my own critters, so most non-pagedoll pieces will be including at least one of my own critters. That said, let's set some quick ground rules before we get started. 1) I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason, at my discretion. (Yes, the reason might just be 'I really don't want to draw that'.) 2) We're doing this through PayPal. I'm broke and I need money, like most folks these days. However, I may also consider trades for Trait Tokens or certain familiars (at equivalent value of art); if you've got them and are willing to part with them, just ask. 3) Please be patient. I tend to work sporadically; if you want regular updates, it's easiest to get them through Discord DMs, and you can find me through the
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NOT FCFS (First Come First Serve) unless you have USD in hand. I have a convention to save for so USD does have significant priority. Art/ARs are OK to offer; the muppets you will be asked to draw are Wrack 15491 and Killi 15328. I am looking for ONE (1) design service, to convert a concepted design onto the official import. It involves full-body Iridescent and I will be picky about it. Please have examples on hand if you're interested. I've been a bit out of the loop with Kukuri stuff, which is why nothing has a specific price listed. I'm not expecting much for the simple genos/imports, obviously the market is filled with 2-3 mark muppets. I'm always happy to discuss prices; I promise I don't bite. -=- I had some tentative lore plans for some of these, so there will be certain genos/imports that are grouped together in case other folks might be interested. Here are my [IMPORTS FOR SALE]. Any that are listed with me as the designer will come with PSDs. Notable features
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Want an oddball ARPG to play? Come check these out!
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Thank you for the fav!

Hey! Sorry for taking so long before saying this, but thank you so much for watching! I hope you had a fun ride reading my comic and that the next updates won't disappoint ^^

Also, I love your art! It's very colorful and your characters' expressions are full of life :>

Oh, thank you! ^^ I'm really enjoying your style, and I even went ahead and followed you on Tumblr too to keep track of the comic!

Oh my gosh, you're right! I had noticed you had the same name and pfp back when it happened a few days ago, but then I forgot all about it, sorry :') Just in case you didn't notice though, the comic still has to catch up here on DA! I've been posting once a day in order not to overwhelm my watchers and DA is almost all caught up, but the tumblr still has about a dozen more pages. I'm assuming that you noticed already, but better be safe than sorry, haha

I usually update often (this comic started in June and it's already past 200 pages lmao, even I have no idea how that happened), but the next pages will take longer to come out in comparison because right now I'm extremely busy IRL, and because I want the following pages to be at the best level of quality I could afford. Still, I hopefully should be posting soon, as I'm almost done with the next batch of pages.

Either way, thank you again! I hope you'll get to enjoy the rest of the ride as it comes out and won't be disappointed >:3