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Smells, Bells and Presets by visbot Smells, Bells and Presets by visbot
merry christmas y'all!

[preview] [wtf?]
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vanish Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2007
That's funny, i never meant to contribute this compilation, until yathosho sent me a magical note... Well, what can i say, this pack succesed, my favourites are zamuz's clothing lines for that headbang trick achieved and all the time for a clear design, framesofreality's the haunt for dreams for it's simple yet pleasent look and kurvusmus for it's vividness

worth looking :+fav:

And yeah, happy new fcuking year!
nemoorange Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2007
Zamuz - awesome trick getting the stripes going over and under one another in clothing lines. You really had me stumped there when I first took a look at it. "all the time" is pretty darn cool, perhaps you got too carried away with the design to let it become its own, but it looks great all the same.

Vanish - "Sorry, we've been fcuked" is the best name ever. Also a pretty good preset to boot.

Synth-c - Cymatics is superb. I personally like it without the background - so you just focus on the awesome texer magic.

Glad to see this one come together. Happy New Years Team Visbot!
zamuz Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2007   Digital Artist
i like it :) nemo still kills, synth-c still amazes. good job everyone, and merry christmas!
onionringofdoom Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2007
nice stuff guys! Sorry I couldn't participate either... I made a preset, but woke up too late in the day to email it to yath on time...

Anyway, I really love oracle and sorry is definatly my favorite of this pack. Zamuz's All The Time is another favorite, but I would have loved to see a little more movement.
amphirion Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007
some smexy presets found here. sorry i was unable to participate in this one, but i've found some presets here that im going to enjoy remixing. and yes, merry christmas!
yathosho Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007
i like it better than the last packs, good to see vanish going strong again (i like i am your oracle and sorry..). other favourites are the haunt for dreams, cymatics and zamuz's clever clothing lines (watch out for the yathosho remixes!). merry christmas everybody!
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December 24, 2007
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