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Color practice....I planned to draw the BG but what it came out just like....I can't tell ,however ,at last I cancel the bg and finish the pic chaotic .

I didn't add too much personal style in this pic ,it's a practice.

However ,the colouring still need to improve.= =

4/8 2007
Thx Nakarie....after her suggestion I fix the BG. And now the bg is better then it was~
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uh nice art work? and what am I doing here?
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*Dies from cuteness*
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very cute, i love it
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isnt that the bathing suit from Evangelion? lol
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So Cute!! Nice picture! :cuddle:
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renamon was genderless... no boobs..
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:stupid: Anyone who REALLY believes that crap about her being genderless is.... well, that emoticon back there. XD

The people who Dubbed it for the US were incredibly brain dead to make her say that. (idk if it was in the JAP SUB, never made it that far)

And also...
1. Her voice is that of a female
2. Her figure is VERY Feminine

...So it's obvious to ANYONE and EVERYONE that she is not genderless. SHE, IS, FEMALE!!!

But because of that stupid genderless bull that they made her say is the only reason that it's so easy to find pictures of her as a guy.

Please don't take any personal offense to what I just said, it just really annoys me when people say that she's either genderless or is a male.

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its a fox it isnt gonna have a real build!! foxes dont talk you dont know how a female fox voice sounds!
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Also, I wasn't talking about a real life fox, if it wasn't obvious to you. I was talking about RENAMON. Yeah, Renamon, that beautiful kitsune up there, in that picture right above the comments. How did it get from her to a real life fox anyway?!

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heh heh... this is pointless argument i cant believe i gave a crap... in anycase good picture!
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She's not %100 fox! She's what us smart people call a Vixen or a Kitsune, an anthro being that is half human and half fox. If she were a real fox, she wouldn't speak, or have powers, or walk up right like a human, etc.

And when I mentioned her voice... yeah exactly. I was mentioning HER voice in the anime. Real foxes can't talk, even I am not that stupid.
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You cant be serious!!! its a fictional character!!! to be honest the only digimon I ever liked was Gilmon. Nobody cares about kitsune
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Did I not state that she was a fictional character in the first place?!

:facepalm: Oh Whatever...
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Naturally with good art comes terrible art thieves. Looks like she fell in a bucket of red paint. Frickin' recolours.
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...thx for telling me this, I'll see what I can do.
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Nothing pisses me off more than plagiarism.
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