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Contemplating IPv6



This is an Info graph of IPv6, and how many individual addresses there are in IPv6 verse many subjects.

Too long in the making, I'm pushing this over to "incomplete poem" status before it never gets shown. There are many other subjects I'm interested in seeing how they compare to IPv6, and perhaps in time I'll add a few of them.

Other panels are wanted. The list gathered so far is at the bottom of the image.

As always, enjoy.

Clickable citations
^1 Also known as 340 undecillion, 282 decillion, 366 nonillion, 920 octillion, 938 septillion, 463 sextillion, 463 quintillion, 374 quadrillion, 607 trillion, 431 billion, 768 million, 211 thousand and 456.
^2 May or may not be true
^3 According to Ed Hall’s Debt Clock on 1 Feb 2011 at 08:27:49 AM GMT [link]
^4 [link]
^5 The millennium coloring is purposely missing some green for the comparison to years below
^6 [link]
^7 Creeper escape used with permission [link] :iconthesuicidalpancake:
^8 Minecraft having 1,825,342 players as of 07 Apr 2011 at 07:14:27 PM GMT
^9 Greglers@Google: Vint Cerf, 16m37s to 18m28s [link]
^10 (2^128/2^32)/d=q, where d = 149,597,870,691,000mm or 1 AU11, and q equals about 529,607,554,895,704
^11 [link]
^12 [link]
^13 Chars in War and Peace, as well as physical dimensions. [link]
^14 Miles of space calculation ((2^128)/3208083)*2.4 inches in miles
^15 [link] as of 30 May 2011 at 09:43:46 PM GMT
^16 [link]
^17 Distance of an AU [link]
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