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Iris DeLivia [Bust 2]


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Iris DeLivia [Bust 2]


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LoZ: ToV Ch1 Pg8

Legend of Zelda ToV Original Manga

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Dead or Alive: Destiny Ch.4

~Chapter 4: Unexpected Guest~ Three days have past since Zeta's escape from AdVENT's underground base. Almost all the AdVENT Scientists are in an uproar, blaming one another for the escape of their valuable bio-weapon. However Mr. Vox remained calm to the situation and mysteriously seems happy to Zeta's escape. "Mr. Vox, I was hoping that you were more concern with your biggest work walking on out of here. Why are you so cheerful to Zeta's escape?" said Mr. Spencer. "Because the opportunity to unleash Zeta's true potential is now open. Now that he's in the outside world again, he can finally awaken his true destructive powers!" said

Dead or Alive Fanfic Story

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Virakin Advent - Omake CH1

Virakin Advent Manga

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Sonic Sketch - [Sonic CD Style] by VirusChris

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Iris Livier Sketches - LaTale

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Sara RMXP-Style Sprite

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Kill la Kill - Crimson Spirit Chapter 1 [Part 1]

CHAPTER 01: Welcome to Honnōji Academy, Ex-Hero! XXXXX Traversing throughout the crummy and slum-type buildings, a young girl with a metal case strapped on her back made her way to the school known as Honnōji Academy. The sight of the rundown and intimating structures would frighten most, but not Ryuko Matoi. “What a crappy neighbor,” the girl commented then smirk, “My kind of place.” While she was passing through, she noticed a fruit stand nearby. She thought to herself it might be great to get some fruit and fished her pockets to see if she had any change and walked up to the fruit stand owner. She quic

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YT Sonic Mania Outro WIP

Sonic the Hedgehog Fanart

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Kill la Kill: Crimson Spirit - CH00

Summary: He’s done it all. Save the multiverse, rescued the innocents, defeat evil world-ending beings, prevent disasters all before lunchtime. He’s the strongest OP dimensional hopping hero… who’s finally bored with the Hero biz. No more, this time around he’s going to be normal! A normal life at a normal school with actual friends. And what better place than Honnouji Academy to attend for such normalcy? And if there’s any trouble? What will he do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! What? Doesn’t concern him anymore… he’ll leave it to other heroes to save the day themselves and sleep in the background.

Kill la Kill: Crimson Spirit fanfic

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