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Chris Corona [Colored]

By VirusChris
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Finally! After many hours putting into designing, drawing, and coloring him I finally got my original character, Chris Corona, done with most of the errors with his previous drawing fixed!

You can look up his previous artwork here:

Anyway right to my drawing I was trying to get that anime coloring applied to him which makes him look like he came from an anime, but... I couldn't find ANY tutorials that does that! I wanted to get his appearance to appear like those ".hack/LINK" character arts that was used for the trailer and game. I couldn't figure out how they do it nor could I find a tutorial to replicate that technique.

Hopefully I'll get someone to help me with that. My character does look kinda cool with the coloring, but maybe I should've made his head a little thinner maybe? I feel like I didn't get his eyes, right either... next time I'll try to see what I can do.

I really like your opinions, especially on how to improve the coloring to match some of the anime promotional artwork and game art, like .hack//LINK and the Tales games!

EDIT: 7/14/2012
I've updated Chris Corona by extending the length of the shorts, added a bit more shading, and fixed his right sock (I didn't like how it original was). I like this version a lot better now as his shorts are how they should be, over his knees.

Time me what you think of the updated version!

Programs used:
Paint Tool SAI

Chris Corona (c) VirusChris
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do you have any potential voice actors for him?
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So far I haven't found or heard of a VA that captures the essence, the spirit, of Chris in English so I hadn't really picked out yet. He's got a young, but somewhat mature, teenage voice that is kinda childish a bit even for a 18 - 19 year old.

However I know what his Japanese VA would be which is 三瓶 由布子 (Yūko Sanpei) who also voiced Tokio from .hack//Link as that's how his Japanese voice would sound like. Still looking for his English VA or close to what I envision his voice to be.
Perhaps Veronica Taylor?
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No... miss her as Ash Ketchum though... Chris' voice sounds a bit deeper but youthful than that with a hint of maturity underneath it. It's very hard to find the right voice for him.
then perhaps Brianne Siddal who voices tsukasa from .hack //SIGN?

he sounds youthful with a hint of maturity
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No... seeing as Brianne Siddal voiced Junior in Xenosaga the voice for Chris Corona is deeper than that really but still has that youthful and high-spirited voice. But it's not high-pitched either.

Like I said it's hard to right the "right" voice for him in English. Japanese I got lucky to encountered the perfect voice for him, but English... not a lot of VAs that I've heard match the voice I envision for Chris.
okay let me know when you find a good VA?
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chris looks awesome
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Thank you very much! Though I'm planning on doing a bit of a re-design in the future, a touch up to his hair really and maybe more improving my ways of drawing his clothes. Still I'm glad he came out alright.
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ok then, btw what about the fate extra fanfic? when will it update?
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Currently on hiatus, but I will come back to it when I have the time. Got a lot on my plate right now especially with my other stories.
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oh ok, what other stories you working on?
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Go on Fanfiction and search for "VirusChris" for author and a list of my stories will be displayed or go on my Profile page to see for yourself:…
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i know i follow Fate extra: Corona Fox
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Oh, well tell me what you think of my other stories when you can OK?
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Very nice OC.
Someone who is caring yet knows how to release his anger.............
Very cute scenes with Caster as well.
Overall....Good Job!!!
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Did you come here from my Fanfiction page? That's cool if it's true.

I might need to tweak his designs a bit to make it more professional-like with other anime/manga artist but this is more or less his final design. I need to draw his "angry eyes" look which look scary and kickbutt in mind and I need it down on paper though this year I've been busy with three jobs at the moment.

And thanks! Though I need to make that ChrisxCasterxSaber drawing I have in mind where both Servants yank on the poor boy's arms declaring that he is their "Master". ^_^
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Yeah, I came here from your Fanfic!
I am very fond of it because there isn't that much OCxCaster(Fate Extra) that has a good plot and not some crack........
So....When's  the next update??
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Wow i really like your character Chris i wish i could do that.
Its very awesome
Awesome job i really like the art design chris kind of reminds me of tokio
Now i imagine The fate/extra clothing Epic.
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Why thank you! Took me days to finish it! Though I wish I could've done something better with the colors to get that promotional artwork feel to it. I wonder, do I have to save it as a .jpeg to get that quality since it changes it depending on the file? Hmm... needs investigation.

Well I did use Tokio's artwork as reference to help get the feel of the colors, so yeah I can see why you said that. And now you know what Chris looks like in my Fate/Extra fanfic. Tell me, is he exactly how you pictured him or close? Going to be working on the next chapter finally, plus I'm going to show a more strategic and tactical side to Chris in the next chapter during the Treasure Hunt.
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Close in my imagination
But the drawing is amazing
I really like how you detailed him
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I see...
Anyway the drawing isn't terrible impressive, there's a few errors with it I'm not happy with like the sock being too high on the right foot because the angle shouldn't let us see it like that.

Well I took my time working on him (days actually) so I'm glad you like it still! Though I mention he kinda looked like Shirou from F/SN... however he doesn't like it unless his hair had more spikes.

Anyway you can picture him and Caster (Tamamo-No-Mae) together now? I haven't worked on the next chapter yet, been busy and I need to work on some other drawings as well.
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He sorta reminded me of one classic hero named Punky Skunk from the PS1 game.
Perk expression and the.detailed sneakers.
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