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Chris Corona [Colored]



Finally! After many hours putting into designing, drawing, and coloring him I finally got my original character, Chris Corona, done with most of the errors with his previous drawing fixed!

You can look up his previous artwork here:

Anyway right to my drawing I was trying to get that anime coloring applied to him which makes him look like he came from an anime, but... I couldn't find ANY tutorials that does that! I wanted to get his appearance to appear like those ".hack/LINK" character arts that was used for the trailer and game. I couldn't figure out how they do it nor could I find a tutorial to replicate that technique.

Hopefully I'll get someone to help me with that. My character does look kinda cool with the coloring, but maybe I should've made his head a little thinner maybe? I feel like I didn't get his eyes, right either... next time I'll try to see what I can do.

I really like your opinions, especially on how to improve the coloring to match some of the anime promotional artwork and game art, like .hack//LINK and the Tales games!

EDIT: 7/14/2012
I've updated Chris Corona by extending the length of the shorts, added a bit more shading, and fixed his right sock (I didn't like how it original was). I like this version a lot better now as his shorts are how they should be, over his knees.

Time me what you think of the updated version!

Programs used:
Paint Tool SAI

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do you have any potential voice actors for him?