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DMC3x4 Dante

▪ It's a combination between DMC3 and DMC4
▪ SAI & CS5

DMC3 Dante by Virus-AC
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JohnnyLuuuArtsCrafts's avatar
This is a great mix between the 2 outfits.
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Great mix of the two. Looks awesome. Lady approves. ;)
Trevyler's avatar
This is a really nice combination. I've always like combining Dante's outfits. Once I get better at drawing, I'll probably try mixing DMC2+4.
frostbitecor's avatar
I never thought a cushion chould look so good apparently they can wow
Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
Your talent in drawing and coloring is astonishing! Wish you best of luck Rose Rose Rose 
Simply breathtaking! I love all the little details I especially love the hand holding the gun and the gun. It all looks so real!
MiraKiraII's avatar
Oh, God! I just love the way you colored that gunWorship  The entire picture is just amazing and beautiful, but the gun's my favorite part.
beautiful face, but too much leather and too much weapons
thesupremejoyner98's avatar
Excellent art skills
Nhecator's avatar
Your Gallery is sooo awesome T_T
Tapiku's avatar
LaSean's avatar
Now i die happy
DanteArtHunter's avatar
Really love this piece. I'm a big fan of Dante, and your artwork of him is stunning.
flameheart10's avatar
Wow, epic and awesome! :heart:
zomickschallahrecipe's avatar
Great drawing. It really is a mixture of DMC 3 and 4
ThunGod53's avatar
The details! Everything looks awesome! I salute you, soldier!
Nariko-Kato's avatar
Wow! Detail all the way to the veins! And we can really see the texture of the clothes well. Good Work!
SphinxOfPride's avatar
cool,i like dante
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