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After hearing about Legendary Pictures Reboot of the Godzilla franchise, I was back into kaiju mode and took this moment upon myself to draw something similar to that of what I'd like to see in this new movie.
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May 4, 2010, 11:02:44 PM
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This is so damn cool. I'm still a big fan of him!! :love:
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This would have been the first genuinely scary Godzilla film
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This is cool!  Great job.  ^_^
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Run? There's nothing to be afraid of.
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I've had dreams like this. Literally.

Godzilla's almost always trying to chase me down.
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That would be terrifying. Although if I had a dream like that, I'd probably be running straight towards him. As a huge fan of Godzilla, it would be an honor to die by the King of the Monster's hand.
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Not really a choice in dreams though.

Actually, though, the dreams where Zilla chases me are scarier. Maybe I impute more intelligence to him, but he usually corners me. I just wake up before he smashes me.

Weird thing is, when I wake up, I'm not scared, even though I was in the dream. I actually enjoy them in retrospect.
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AWESOME perspective, and actually kinda scary! Damn good job!
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Thank you! Scary is exactly what I was going for.
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Now that is just EPIC! Great job! Godzilla looks so fierce looming down on the city!
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He looks scarier than he ever did. I love it! >=)
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Wow... It's Gojira '54 all over again!
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scariest kaiju face ever...

legendary pictures remake? were not getting another Zilla i hope. better be the straight up G-man, preferably going back to omaging the 90's and late 70's version. screw millennium (though still good :meow:)
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hope Legendary Picture don't make the same type of Godzilla as the last one.
your Godzilla drawing has some blood in it.
Maybe LP should make a horror out of that new Godzilla... that could be interesting. :hmm:
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They most likely wont. If they go with a horror thing, it may alienate some of the audience. However, I mainly put blood in this because I was going for a modern take on the original film Gojira. It's significantly darker than the rest of the series.
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