ur balihar

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Love of mine,
Love of mine
Oh, this love of mine
Without you I'm not fine
Avoid sleep and dream for days at time
I can't stand the darkness between you and me
All I want is to see you free, freely
My blood goes Ice, my body Steely
I can't leave and I can't depart
I'm spinning hot sparks
that can't find their mark since you're not here
my stirring kisses belong on your face
but they're lost sparks like lightning lighting up empty space
my sultry kiss turned to steam without trace
without your face on which to place
like poem without page
and a song going unsung
I love you more than words
My ear loves your tongue
I belong with you
Forever, My darling meet
You are my sweet
and I'm your Balihar
sadaa raho Har naale mera pyar
I am yours x
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