finally... a warm and empty bed

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I never say hello or bye,

where did our time go?

I wondered if you thought of me,

but it's best i shouldn't know,

such thoughts lead me downwards,

to where my warm bed is waiting,

I knew a love could conquer all,

if I could conquer hesitating,

too many times I lay there,

wishing for a dream of you,

but too many times I heard your voice,

saying just a dream won't do,

now i'm hungry for your flesh,

and my blood is pouring out,

the song starts in my toes,

and it's spilling out my mouth,

I waited for you so long,

just a few more years will do,

all the plans and hopes we had,

all of them will come true,

soon i'm right beside you,

a few more years to kill,

both desires and my lonely hopes,

which separated keep us ill,
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