No Buddhas Are High Or Low (And I'm In Love w/you)

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No Buddhas Are High Or Low

And I'm In Love With You

We'll Be Fine If We're Together, Cus Love Is All You Need

And I Have What I Need, If I Have You

But How Could These Words Say How Much I Love You

If I'm Not Lost In Your Eyes My Life Means Nothing

And I'm Nothing Without You

You're My Inspiration You're My Muse

I'd Do Everything For You

You Know I'd Do Anything For You

Do You Want It Like I Do?

Just Hold Me Like You Do

And I Will Hold You Too

Nothing Is Too Good For You

The Only Thing I Want Is You

I'd Do Anything For You

xoxoxo xoxox oxoxo
oxoxox oxoxo xoxox

xoxoxo xoxox oxoxo

The Look That's In Your Eyes

Divine Light Will Softly Shine

I Come Alive At Night

When I Hold My Pillow Tight

And Whisper Your Name Till It's Light Outside

And The Blue Sky Ain't So Blue Without You In My Bed

Looking Up At The Ceiling And Dreaming Of The Stars Instead

I Hold Your Arm And Lean In To Your Chest

You Kiss Me, Love, And I Say You're The Best

No-One Else Will Have Me, Only You

I'd Sit With You Forever

If I Wait For The Right Time

I Know That I'll Be Yours

And I Want It To Be The Case

That You're Mine Too

You Are Me & I Am You

I Am Who I Am It's True

I Can't Be Who I Am Without You

You're All That Keeps Me True

I'm Lucky I Have You

So My Soul Could Be With Yours

I Adore You More & More

Every Day I Will Be Yours, Until The End Of Time

We Can Be Together Forever

And I Love You

You're My Special Kind Of Muse

Unique & Only You

Can Love Me Like You Do

You're My Lover & My Best Friend

I'll Love You Till The End Of All Things

And Kiss You In The Shadow Of Eternity

You're All That's Real And True

You Make Me Feel

All Shiny & New
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