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In 1992 I started to become interested in fonts & typography. I started designing fonts, mostly based on geometric principles.
My girlfriend in 1995 (her name was Livia) was studying typography. Her favorite typeface was "Hobo". I designed this font for her, it was inspired by Hobo.
The font has many design issues (I was a typo n00b at the time).
The font only has Latin upper- and lowercase letters. Nothing else. But maybe it is still useful for some logotype work, to some people.

Please let me know if & how you use it; it would make me eternally happy. :)
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Yep, B,M & W are other candidates that suffer from the same issue, only less pronounced.
The reason for these flaws is that I didn't do any manual postprocessing on the outlines at all.
Basically this a skeleton font created from strokes with a style applied (rounded butts and end caps). Certainly, quite a few letters need manual love for this to work. But I guess if you use this for a logo, the