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EtXetera Font [1994]



A constructed typeface I did ca. 1994/1995. The base element is a gothic arch. Heavily inspired by the work of Neville Brody at the time (specifically his Industria typeface). Mainly intended to be used as a display- or logotype.
The font critically missed the @ character and the € sign (there was no Euro when the font was designed. The union's currency was called Ecu and wasn't really fiat anyway). I added them now and also fixed several small technical issues the original font had.
Also some common accented capital I variants are missing.

Please let me know if & how you use it; it would make me eternally happy. :)
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The grid ... when I designed this font I imagined that at header size, you'd use a spacing/kerning grid so that the distance between two serifs would be the same width as the serif hat (measured from the stem). This is too wide when the font is used as a logotype or title but gives a nice rhythm otherwise. Until you get to a kerning pair where it doesn't work. These cases then totally stand out. The only alternative I found at the time was to make ligatures for these cases. This is an interesting problem. One can of course choose to ignore it. :)

The 'V'/'v' do descent below the baseline but not enough, if you remove the diagonal serif, for sure.

I haven't done any fonts in 18 years really. A few logotypes (where I only designed the letters needed for the resp. logo) but that's ut.
So in a way I haven't come back to type design really (yet?).
I just found these fonts and felt they needed to be put out there, for people to use 'em. :)