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Mass Effect - Saren and Nihlus sculpture



I made this as a gift for :iconsmehur:, going by sketches by the fabulous :iconvesperxthexdamned: (Go check her turians, they're fantastic!)
Her sketches are here:

So, here we have a somewhat younger and non-cyberised Saren in casual clothes and a young Nihlus in some sort of dress uniform worn over light armour.

I didn't get any context info on this :), but my take would be this is Nihlus having finished Spectre training and leaving for his first solo mission; the case he's carrying is a parting gift from Saren.

Whole thing is 24cm high, cast from polyurethane resin and refined with Milliput. Their eyes are embedded glass seed beads (green for Nihlus, silvery-blue for Saren) and half-closed, so they catch the light only from certain angles.
Nihlus' weapon case is made from four parts of laser-cut wood and can be opened.
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Wooowwwwwww, that's incredible! Good job!