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Yep, just me flexing my retouching muscles LOL, yes, I agree, the hair on the retouched one looks a bit blah in places, but I still ain't anywhere near great at doing recolors/retouches yet LOL

Girl is once again the absolutley gorgeous, amazing (yep, running out of nice words to describe this girl) Sadie, who can be found over at [link] (pretty much my third fave profile, bar myself and my girlies)

Damn I'm strange, well, at least that's what the penguins tell me
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Awww, :blush: thank youu!

& yay!! Red hair!! I was actually born a redhead. :giggle: ....and it was curly... and I had blue eyes.

I don't know where that went. It disappeared. Poof! :O

& don't worry, the penguins tell me I'm strange all the time.
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I'm glad you like it, after all, my stuff is only made with the model's enjoyment in mind, if anyone else likes it, that's a lovely bonus, but, this was made for you, and I ish still madly in love with you LOL
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Bonuses are always great!! :D
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To sjm, thank you, hair is a bit of a hit and miss subject for me

To Paperslayer, no, but, there are about 3 different hair layers on there, and the last one, which was the red one, was set at a bit of an odd layer type, I can't remember what type it was, I kinda agree, cos I am still happy with it, but yeah, you're just a reminder that I still need practice, so thanks for that LOL
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hmm Did you just use a solid colour for the hair & adjust opacity? Its does look a little on the flat side. I like using her images time to time. I started to pick up different ways & it sure looks different from what I use to do!!
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I don't know about you bro but I think the hair looks awesome...........I have trouble changing hair color really bad!!!!!!!!
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