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Ares III

By virtenebris
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The Ares III Mission. The spacecraft Hermes is in orbit around Mars. It is November 23, 2035, Sol-16 for the crew on the surface. Mars weather forecasts predict storms...

COMPOSITION: Scene is entirely setup and rendered in Lightwave. Finishing touches and final composition in Photoshop & After Effects.
MESHES: Hermes by Ron L. Long (model, texture & lighting rig modifications by me), Mars (+16k surface & 24k cloud textures) by me • render, augmentations, digital painting additions, composition & fx by me/

My artworks are not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Twentieth Century Fox, TSG Entertainment, or Scott Free Productions.
Any related trademarks, logos, and names are owned by their respective license holders and publishers, and are used under "fair use" guidelines.
Comments and critique welcome.
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The 3d art design is well done, the surface of Mars and its atmosphere is very well designed. The Ares III does not look like a drawing, it seems to be there, on Mars. The clouds of Mars are very well made, the shadow in the Ares III are very well made, it is all very symmetrical, the reflections in the Ares III are real. This is for padding, I'm sorry: k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k
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Thank you very much (again)! The reflections were an idea I had towards the end, I'm glad I added them.
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Really nice job! :)
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Beautiful and detailed work~! An instant favorite :)
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Where you made this😱
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Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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That is just too cool! Congrats on the DD!
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Very interesting. Didn't really see much glory shots of the Hermes.
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Thank you. It's probably not 'sci-fi' enough for most to bother with, or be interested in. Gotta walk before you can run though.
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On the cosmic scale, we are rather on the long, arduous quest of learning to crawl.
But one day or another.
One way or another.
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I've studied this picture for some time now and something was bugging me and i could not think what it was. Now i can see it, the reflections on the fwd solar panels, they seem to be reflecting the Mars surface but they are pointing away from Mars. There is a blue light in the top left hand corner which is flaring, i would suggest the panels would reflect this more and of course the black of space.
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I actually put the solar panel reflections in as an after thought, just some more detail. It's not a true 3D reflection rendered, but added in Photoshop in form of a mirrored portion of the habitat ring, so I can definitely confirm it's not Mars. The blue in upper left corner is part of the flare, the light itself is white, but yeah, there is certainly room for improvement. The reason I added the reflection at all was due to a few scenes from the movie in which the solar panels seemed far more reflective than shown on the model, but even with reflectivity turned up high, I could not get the effect I was looking for, so I decided to do it in post.

Thank you for the comment though! I appreciate any and all input.
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Woww.thats the next level of awesom,great work!:happybounce: 
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Thank you kindly.
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Great render and design !
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Thank you very much! Although, I can't take credit for the design, since the ship isn't mine, and Mars... well... that's nature.
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Great job jesus!
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Thank you.

It's there, the angle just doesn't show it. That said, space exploration needs to be a global enterprise, as it concerns all of us, so, to me at least, symbology is less important. It doesn't negate the accomplishment.
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