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I love myself so much I don't need much more. Except the few things that really matters to me. Like some of the extraordinary people in my life , my music, my art and my stories.

I don't care. People care too much. You probably care enough to think I'm just a self centered, cocky bitch. And that's probably true. But then again. I really don't care :)

But I like to be nice. I like people, and are often interested in their opinions. So if you want to, throw me a message or a few comments in my gallery.

Suit yourself! Have a good one!

Favourite genre of music: Metal and Singer/songwriter
Favourite photographer: Gregory Colbert

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
there's too many I can't fit them into this textboks
Favourite Writers
Paulo Coelho
Favourite Games
God of War, Zelda
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Music and art


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OK. I've done a really lousy job at updating my journal. It's been like... over a year since last time :p Anyhow. It's Christmas eve, and I don't feel exited. Not at all. And that's sad. I miss being a kid at Christmas eve, overexcited and all over the place. I don't even get any feeling when I look at our tree with all the presents underneath. Dear Santa. This year, I wish to be 7 years old again. But only for one day, tho :p And yeah. I have uploaded some new pics since the last time I wrote something here. So if there's anyone out there who pop by my gallery from time to time; I hope you'll enjoy them :) Merry Christmas everyone!
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Hello again. I've uploaded some new pic's, and hope they'll keep comming. Anyway. For those few people who actualy pops in now and then and reads my journal, heres some news. Me and my band just finnished recording our first record, and it will be out for sale in late November. So. If someones interested, let me know:) You can also check us out on myspace:
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I must say, I have been very lazy with my camera lately, and that is not a very good thing. I wish I had more time to go for walks and just take pictures of everything I see. But I'm going on vacation to sweeden with my boyfriend really soon, and i hope that there will be lots of lots of both pretty and ugly stuff to snap. But good things has happend too! I've moved in together with my beloved, and I'm making a whole lot of money. So... Life is good^^ (It would have been perfect, though, with alot more pictures:p)
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hello! :)
alt vel?
joa :) ..arti å træffe dæ under aronnesrocken da.. selv om d ikke va mye man så til hværandre :p ..menne når var det dåkker sku spille sammens me cyaneed på rockefeller? ..kanskje man møter opp dær ;p
hvilken dag var det vi møttes? :p jeg husker svært lite fra alle kveldene:p

men ja. vi spiller på John Dee 7. november! det hadde vært fett om du kom! :D
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Thank you very much for the fave on 2004-20 (the Harp) I really appreciate your support.