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Ray Taus by Virmont89 Ray Taus :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 3 3 My OC Virmont Taylor by Virmont89 My OC Virmont Taylor :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 3 3 Love Haiku by Virmont89 Love Haiku :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 4 3 Lover Yourself by Virmont89 Lover Yourself :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 5 1
A Smell from the Past
   There was a small town department store on the coroner of a semi busy street that Darren, Virmont, and Kye walked into as they were passing through on a little get-away trip. The store had anything and everything a person could need to survive on. It had seven rows of vertical isles containing items that ranged from frozen food to art and crafts. There was even an area located in the back for basic clothing needs; in fact all of the items in this store were all basic necessities. Therefore as Virmont, Darren, and Kye walked around to pick up a few odds and ends, they were able to find just what they needed and maybe then some.
   Though just as they were double checking what else they might need even if they weren’t for sure, Virmont, who was sniffing the different fragrance of soaps down the hygiene isle, found soap that he thought smelt good and might use for himself as he turned around to share it with Darren who followed behind him with Kye. Then withou
:iconvirmont89:Virmont89 1 7
Untold Secrets (Short Story) Part 4
Part 4
   Dan was still in uniform when he arrived at the hospital, so naturally when the doctors saw him walking around in the ER looking for where they placed Virmont, they didn’t stop to question him about his reasons being there. Then finally when Dan found the room where Virmont was kept, he stepped in to see that he was finally coherent, but looking battered as he lay on the bed watching the TV mounted on the wall, though the moment he had come in he noticed that Virmont looked a bit angry as he was sitting up to turn the TV off.
   “Hey, how are you?” he asked walking over to his bedside.
    “Hurting!” snapped Virmont.
   “I see, Jason really did a number on you, didn’t he?” asked Dan, but Virmont didn’t respond as he took a deep breath and slowly let it out. That’s when Dan pulled a chair up to sit down in, “So what did the doctor say?” he asked getting comfortable,
:iconvirmont89:Virmont89 0 5
Untold Secrets (Short Story) Part 3
Part 3
   Minutes, after Jason was heard yelling, Darren could hear his voice slowly starting to fade as if he was being taken away somewhere. Then after an hour, after everything had finally settled down, Dan came back in and told Peter he could leave before looking over at Darren, who was now more worried than he was before. Dan signed aggressively once Peter walked out as he grabbed a chair to sit down in, which intimidated Darren as he turned slightly to face him because he had a feeling Dan was irritated over what Jason had said, but instead of asking, “What happened to Jason?” he kept his mouth shut and turned back.
   “Darren!” announced Dan suddenly, which startled Darren as he slightly jerked, “Look at me!” he demanded firmly. Darren looked as he felt his heart racing. “What did you do to Virmont? Did you hurt him? Tell me the truth!”
   Darren knew it as he leaned forward in his seat, then because h
:iconvirmont89:Virmont89 0 3
The Chosen One ~Poem by Virmont89 The Chosen One ~Poem :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 1 3 The Destined One ~Poem by Virmont89 The Destined One ~Poem :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 1 3
Ask My Characters Anything
:below: characters :below:
:iconvirmont89:Virmont89 1 27
Pose For Me... by Virmont89 Pose For Me... :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 6 5
Untold Secrets (Short Story) Part 2
Part 2
   Sitting at the police department in one of their small observation rooms, where there was only a table and a couple of chairs, Darren, who sat alone with his hands still cuffed behind his back, tried to observe how all this could have been avoided as he thought back on the argument he had with Virmont hours prior to Jason getting unwantedly involved. Though nothing came to mind, except that he never should have told Jason anything regarding their busyness, therefore, it left him feeling sick as he felt solely responsible for Virmont getting hurt.
   “Damn it, I’m such a fucking idiot!” he griped as tears raced down his checks, “I should have kept my stupid mouth shut! It’s my fault this whole argument happened anyway… I wasn’t putting you first or paying any attention to your needs and wishes like I should have… so I’m the one who should have gotten punch, not you! I’m so sorry… please, forg
:iconvirmont89:Virmont89 0 3
Untold Secrets (Short Story) Part 1
Part 1
   The cops were called the moment the fight was noticed by Virmont as he hurried over to his friend Jason, who had his cousin, and secret lover, Darren hung-up by his neck against a wall. The fight was obviously over something traumatic, though when it comes to these two it could be over just about anything, really. Darren could simply look at Jason wrong and it would set him off, yet at the same time Jason knows his limits, so to see him getting to this point of pure outraged that he would hang Darren by his neck at the grip of his hand was just not something he would do if it was over something simple. “But what caused it?” That was a question no one knew how to answer when it came to these two.
   “Jason, stop!” screamed Virmont as he ran to him. “Put him down!” he begged, but when Jason did not comply, Virmont took meters into his own hands and pushed him to try and knock him off his feet. It worked, but only for a mom
:iconvirmont89:Virmont89 2 0
Rick Thomas by Virmont89 Rick Thomas :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 2 3 Darren Taylor by Virmont89 Darren Taylor :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 1 8 Virmont Taylor by Virmont89 Virmont Taylor :iconvirmont89:Virmont89 4 3
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Everything in my gallery is Copyrighted © ~Me


Vidal by lololoxvi Vidal :iconlololoxvi:lololoxvi 170 8
Contest --Open!!--
I'd like you to draw my OC Kyria.
She is an Alota fairy - a human-sized teen girl who normally has blue hair, blue eyes, and light-magenta skin.

Summary on Alota Fairies and Kyria
A recent change with Alota Fairies is they change with every season.
Hair color: Blue
Abilities: Freeze water, Create Snowstorms, Hail, or harmless snowfall
Hair Color: Green
Abilities: Helps plants grows, and even control them
Hair Color: Yellow
Abilities: Create fires, evaporate water
Hair Color: Red
Abilities: Create wind, even tornadoes
All times
Eye Color: Either Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow (they can change color!)
Abilities: Make it rain, bring fog
Of course one Alota fairy alone can't change the weather. Quit
:iconfae-fire:Fae-Fire 16 26
Hawkti (Virmont89 Contest Entry - Not My OC!) by Sori-Eminia Hawkti (Virmont89 Contest Entry - Not My OC!) :iconsori-eminia:Sori-Eminia 1 0 Afternoon Delight (the Mists) by AlexandeNight Afternoon Delight (the Mists) :iconalexandenight:AlexandeNight 101 19 Astonished Lumie by Zyden Astonished Lumie :iconzyden:Zyden 59 2 Knut Blanket 3 by AlchemyFox Knut Blanket 3 :iconalchemyfox:AlchemyFox 2 3 Happy Hero by zelda-Freak91 Happy Hero :iconzelda-freak91:zelda-Freak91 74 15
Thursday Prompt: The Artidote
Welcome, Core Members, to another edition of the Thursday Prompt!
Last week, you were tasked with inspiring us all with your handwriting in our challenge for National Handwriting Day, "Art of the Write". With over 70 entries received this time around, it was amazing looking at all those writing samples and how you all write! 
After much deliberation, we have picked the ten works that we felt best represented the best handwriting we've seen so far:
:iconakiestar:akiestar 26 56
25 expressions meme (AlexandeNight) by AlexandeNight 25 expressions meme (AlexandeNight) :iconalexandenight:AlexandeNight 48 14 Never make the same mistake twice by KiyuMiyu Never make the same mistake twice :iconkiyumiyu:KiyuMiyu 357 15 Chapter 5: Page 37 by Longitudes-Latitudes Chapter 5: Page 37 :iconlongitudes-latitudes:Longitudes-Latitudes 14 1 Silent Knight by zelda-Freak91 Silent Knight :iconzelda-freak91:zelda-Freak91 341 54 [CE] Rick by warmwitheredeyes [CE] Rick :iconwarmwitheredeyes:warmwitheredeyes 10 6 Red Wine part 2 - Bic pens by 6re9 Red Wine part 2 - Bic pens :icon6re9:6re9 122 44 City of the moon by Ellysiumn City of the moon :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,380 113
Thursday Prompt: Art of the Write
Okay, Core Members. It's time for this week's Thursday Prompt!
In last week's challenge, “Post Script”, you had to write letters in celebration of Universal Letter Writing Week. With some interesting entries received over the last week, here are your winners:
Congratulations to WhiskeyDreamer, Yuukon, and Write-on-Time! For such amazing letters, they will each receive a one-month Core Membership and a Yoption kraft paper stationery set!
This Week's Challenge
Yesterday was National Handwriting Day, and while we may have largely moved on to computers, handwriting isn't really dead. So, for this week, you must show us your handwriting!
Once you’
:iconakiestar:akiestar 40 124

Check this limited time offer out! 

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:bulletred:-FYI for anyone who would like me to commission them, I don't like to spend over $100 USD on one character, if I can help it!

My birthday badge

I love you most

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 12, 2019, 9:55 PM
Okay so this is going toward: Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart!

I'm not sure if I am supposed to do ALL the props but I'm going to just incase ^_^ and I in this prop I'm supposed to show 5 devotions about topics I love. So here are mine!

Anti-Abortion by CFerreri01
By: :iconcferreri01:

SUICIDE. by ChloeRhiannonX
By: :iconchloerhiannonx:

Cyber Bullying 
 Anti-Cyberbullying PSA by FearOfTheBlackWolf
By: :iconfearoftheblackwolf:

Real Life Bullying
Stop Bullying by VikingMera
By: :iconvikingmera:

Mental Health/Illness Awareness by AdaleighFaith
By: :iconadaleighfaith:

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EDIT: I added updated head-shots 

:bulletblue: Yup, this year I feel like giving away 2 years worth of core memberships, 8,000 :points: or $100 (USD) to anyone who wants to participate in this contest!

:bulletblue: All you got to do is draw my OCs.


1) Pick 1 to as many as you want to draw  
2) Must be in color 
3) Only Traditional or Digital 
4) Yes, you can add in your OCs if you like
5) Yes, you can look at references for poses and such 
5) No, you do not have to be watching me to enter.
6) No Bases, tracing, or altering someone else's work!
7) Have questions, just ask 


1) Originality 
2) Color
3) Entering on time
4) Keeping to my OC's original design (No adding things that are not there)
5) Following the rules


1st 1 year Core -or- 4,000 :points: -or- $50 (USD)
2nd 6 mouth Core -or- 2,400 :points: -or- $30 (USD)
3rd 3 mouth Core -or- 1,200 :points: -or- $15 (USD)
4th 1 mouth Core -or- 400 :points: -or- $5 (USD)


BONUS: 2 Mouth Core: Number Raffle!
1 Picture of a group of 5 OCs  
5 Individual OC pictures
3) Any combo that equals 5 OCs ...etc... 
Will use to determent the winner!

Contest END Date

 May 1, 2019


Virmont by Virmont89 Virmont Taylor by Virmont89 Virmont
Darren by Virmont89 Darren Taylor by Virmont89Darren

Jason by Virmont89 Jason Hatch by Virmont89 Jason
Rick by Virmont89 Rick Thomas by Virmont89 Rick 
Kye by Virmont89 Coming Soon by Virmont89 Kye
Ray by Virmont89 Ray Taus by Virmont89 Ray
Hawkti by Virmont89 Coming Soon by Virmont89 Hawkti
Antony by Virmont89 Coming Soon by Virmont89 Anthony

Information about OCs:
:bulletblue: Virmont and Jason are (Best Friends)
:bulletblue: Virmont and Darren are (Lovers)

:bulletblue: Darren and Rick are (Best Friends)

:bulletblue: Darren and Kye are like (Father and Son)

:bulletblue: Ray and Anthony are (Brothers) 

:bulletblue: Ray and Hawkti are (Best Friends)

:bulletblue: Hawkti and Anthony are (Rivals) Anthony simply annoys Hawkti

:bulletblue: Hawkti and Darren are (Rivals) Hawkti likes to irritate Darren
:bulletblue: Jason and Darren are (Enemies) Darren (fears) Jason

:bulletblue: Jason acts like Virmont's (Bodyguard) 


:iconsmdkfan: :iconwarmwitheredeyes: :iconvanisketches: :iconlizbombdraws2: :iconsori-eminia:
:iconimaniash: :iconvanum-chan: :iconmumbo-l-jumbo: :iconwatakashiusagi: :iconsageleaf1987:
:iconalexandenight: :iconlyuunal: :iconmorgane13: :iconmagicstarry:

...let me know if I added you by mistake, or, if you don't wish to join anymore.


People I'm helping out

3000 Watcher GiveawayI know I just held a 2500 watcher giveaway, but I actually reached that number a while back (I just couldn't afford to hold it at the time lol). Since then my watch list has crept up to 2801 watchers! That means I'm only 199 watchers away from hitting 3000 watchers I think I've fainted. 
It seriously blows my mind that so many people want to stick with me, but I love you guys so much for it and you mean the world to me, I really want you to know that :heart:
So of course I will hold another giveaway once I reach 3000 watchers to celebrate! :la:
The rules are very simple, be a watcher of mine!
Of course I appreciate it a lot if you want to share this in a journal/poll/status update because it will help end the giveaway faster! But it's not a must :)
Also, I will NOT give the prize to another account! The account you've used to participate in my giveaway is the one that will get the prize!
Please don't watch me just to unwatch me after the giveaway is o
 By: :icondranira:
(This person needs to hit 3,000 watchers, so go check it out and you may just win something)

Contest --Open!!--Contest:
I'd like you to draw my OC Kyria.
She is an Alota fairy - a human-sized teen girl who normally has blue hair, blue eyes, and light-magenta skin.

Summary on Alota Fairies and Kyria
A recent change with Alota Fairies is they change with every season.
Hair color: Blue
Abilities: Freeze water, Create Snowstorms, Hail, or harmless snowfall
Hair Color: Green
Abilities: Helps plants grows, and even control them
Hair Color: Yellow
Abilities: Create fires, evaporate water
Hair Color: Red
Abilities: Create wind, even tornadoes
All times
Eye Color: Either Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow (they can change color!)
Abilities: Make it rain, bring fog
Of course one Alota fairy alone can't change the weather. Quit
 By: :iconfae-fire:
(Has a Contest too, giving away :points: Ends April 27th, so go and check it out!)
Birthday 'Draw My OC' Contest! Win Core/Cash/Art!Hi friends! Because February is my birthday month, I've decided to do something special this year and hold a 'Draw My OC' contest! I have an oc that I really love and would love to see more art of, and I'm really interested to know what other peoples' take on her would be like. If you're interested in drawing her/winning some prizes, please feel free to enter!
Also, if any kind soul would like donate more prizes to this contest (be it money/points/art/etc) please note me!
Also yes I know my journal decoration aesthetic is very 2010-2013 but SHHH I HAVEN'T DONE A JOURNAL IN A WHILE


Please draw this character of mine:

Brief Description
(Has a Contest too, giving away :points: Money, or Core M, and Art! Ends March 1st, so go and check it out!)


Group(s) That I love to take part in...
:iconnolun-village: :iconocs-from-everywhere: :iconall-original-ocs:

Forum(s) that I love to take part in...…
I drew this a while ago but i still love it to this day :D

(Feb 9) My submission to: Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart!
Lover Yourself by Virmont89
My OC Virmont (c) ~Virmont89


Virmont89 has started a donation pool!
0 / 8,000
:bulletgreen: Donate if you like my Art!
Commissions -->

:star: If you are my FRIEND you can ask me for :points: (only i know who you are) Otherwise, DON'T ASK ME FOR POINTS!!! or i will BLOCK you.

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: Butterfly-animate by L3Moon-Studios

:squee: :happybounce: :squee: :happybounce: :squee: :happybounce: :squee: :happybounce: :squee: :happybounce: :squee:


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Virmont89's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm Mandy,
I'm 29 years old and was born in September! (A Sapphire Baby)

I am a girl of random interests and is a jack-of-all-trades. I am a self-taught artist, who gets into anime/manga style art works. I don't like to read much, but I do love to write stories and books.

I am the creator of both my The V.L.A.D.E.+J. Team and Legends and Warriors book sires and is the main designer of all my Original Characters. All my ideas and characters are made up fully by dreams I have at nigh; nothing happens in my worlds unless it comes to me naturally in a dream. I am original as it comes; nothing about me is made-up, fake, or exaggerated!

My advise to anyone is to be yourself and keep doing what you do best, but never be afraid to take advise from those with experience. You can't change if you don't move forward.

My favorite quote I heard once is that "The first thing to solving a problem is realizing there is one."

I can be strange, wild and crazy, but most of the time I'm very calm, cool and collected. I use to hate working under pressure, but now that is the only thing that motivates me. My best work is always done at the last minute, so if the work is needing to be done by a certain date, I always wait util the night before. Don't know why... :shrug: ...that's just how I roll.

butterfly animated :3 by flamedog1 butterfly animated :3 by flamedog1 butterfly animated :3 by flamedog1 butterfly animated :3 by flamedog1


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