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Stooooooooop it~
I set up a Tumblr, if anyone out there uses that. :)

For the next 24 hours, I will discount all commissions across the board by 20%.  Details on how to get a commission are at the following link:…

Listed there are my standard prices. All you have to do to get the 20% off is mention where you saw this notice in your email. :)

Please do not note me via DA. The email address to contact me is in the link. ;)

There is a slight chance I will close these early if I get too many, but I expect to be able to take all the (qualified) applications I get.  Also please note that I will not start drawing these until next weekend.


EDIT: Sale is now over. Commissions remain open at the standard price, however. :)

I figured I would try this at least once.  If you're interested in commissioning a doodle from me, please check out the below link!…

There are a limited number of slots, which I will not be posting publicly.  If the page says I'm closed, then that's it! If this is fun, I'll do it again.  If not, eh, at least I tried it out. :)

Please do not note me via DA. The email address to contact me is in the link. ;)


EDIT: Had these open for a while, and they are trickling in at a manageable pace, so will probably keep them open indefinitely unless I get a big surge. If it says they are closed in the above link, just check back in a week or so. :)
Posted a few pics in my gallery. :)

Virmir-Cards is a project I started in August, and is a deck of standard playing cards featuring one of my doodles on every card!  Half the deck is composed of my characters, and the other half is fan-submitted by members of the Crimson Flag community.  This project was tons of fun, and I thank everyone who submitted and gave their support. :)

More info, pictures, and how to grab your own deck here!