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DotW: Remus [DECEASED]


RP Status: DECEASED | Medium: Google Docs, Discord | Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R

August 9th 2018: Totally un-planned character, but I'm super excited he's in now! c:
December 21st 2018: Design update and new artwork.

Sq12  thistle Base Info Sq12  thistle

Age: Adult
Gender: Male
    > Orientation: Heterosexual
    > Sex Drive: Average
    > Experience: Plenty
Pack: Chandor
    > Pack Members

Kumu (Gamma) New *
Task: Bear Totem

Mate: None
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: None

Sq12  thistle Appearance Sq12  thistle

Remus is a sturdy wolf with a body built for survival.  Just like any wolf his size he's muscular and heavy, but to his great advantage he's not plump or sluggish. He doesn't exceed in any particular stat, but at the same time doesn't lack any physical requirements for tasks either. Due to his sheer mass he's rather strong, but when compared to other massive individuals, he's just average as well.

Height: 35''
Weight: 115 lbs

Health & Scars: 

Over the course of the years Remus has earned quite a few scars, but none except one were big enough to show through his thick coat. The only visible scar is the one on his tail, which was left disfigured after the leader of his previous pack decided to take the whole tail off. [See backstory] Gladly he didn't succeed and Remus was left with his tail mostly intact.

Sq12  thistle Personality Sq12  thistle

Silver Bullet Playful Silver Bullet
Secondary: Immature
The most prominent trait to notice in the big, dark and intimidating looking fella is his playfulness. Remus is extremely immature and is easy to involve into play fights, hide-and-seek and other activities most pups quickly grow out of. For that very reason he's very good with children, even though he lacks practice in babysitting. Maybe it's not the best idea to let him sit your pups actually... he might involve them in stupid games and senseless competitions.

Silver Bullet Reliable Silver Bullet
Secondary: Loyal
Wanna get something done? Ask Remus. Even though one wouldn't expect this giant kid to get anything done, he's actually very determined to please others and fulfill tasks to the best of his ability. He bonds quickly with just about anyone and does not care whether you're above or below him in rank; if you ask him nicely to get something done, he'll very likely do it. One thing to mention however is that his loyalty lies in individual wolves, not necessarily the alpha of the pack. 

Silver Bullet Caring Silver Bullet
Secondary: Family-Oriented
Beneath the layers of hot-headed play he actually cares deeply about those around him. He bonds with other wolves quickly and will defend you even if you've met just now. Through years of living life to its fullest as a young adult, Remus has also developed a stronger sense of residency and wishes to someday find a mate, have pups and live in one spot. His past draws another picture, but we all were young and wild at one point, right? 

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U! Rash Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!
Secondary: Impatient
Remember when I said Remus can get things done? He really can, but you should hurry with giving him instructions, because otherwise he might just bolt off and do it his way. He's not a fan of long explanations and even less of a fan of waiting, which sometimes results in lacking attention and hasty actions. If one gets the hang of how to handle Remus, it's not impossible to maneuver him into the exact task you want done, but it may be some hard work to find out how to keep him still.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U! Obtrusive Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!
Secondary: Overbearing
You might know what personal space is, but that doesn't mean Remus has the same definition. If he's curios he'll ask, even if it's about personal details. If you're sitting in his favorite spot, he'll sit on you. If he's excited for something, he may do all sorts of oddities involving physical contact. Just beware of this big baby to be a bit overbearing at times, both with his words and his motions.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U! Boastful Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!
Secondary: Flirtatious
Remus is the best. You know that, right? Well, it's not a problem if you don't, because he'll tell you for sure. Be it his heroic rescues of drowning fish or his stunningly beautiful tail - he'll find a reason to talk about himself for sure. The only situation where he may actually ask more about someone else than talk about himself is when he already knows someone well and they already endured his impressive stories. Another thing you might notice is that Remus isn't exactly prudish when it comes to the ladies - who would have guessed?

Sq12  thistle Other Information Sq12  thistle

Black Star Remus has sired many pups during his time as a loner, but has never met one of them in person.

Black Star He's not at all self-conscious about his disfigured tail. Quite the opposite actually: He uses it to tell wild stories and presents it with pride.

Black Star Although his personality traits suggest Remus is unable to be serious, he can stay focused and serious if desired. Sometimes.

Sq12  thistle Pre-Group History Sq12  thistle

Tiny Paw Print Bullet FTU This part contains some minor violence. No gore or detailed visual descriptions though. Tiny Paw Print Bullet FTU

Arriving in Chandor is the best thing that could have happened to Remus. Previously he's lived in a pack named Gonggoji and after a failed attempt to overthrow the sadistic regime, he was forced to leave if he wanted to keep all his limbs attached to his body. Despite the ordeal he's been through Remus has retained his positive view on life and never fails to bring some optimistic commentary into a conversation.

Opposing to the past two years Remus' early life has been uneventful. He grew up with both of his parents as well as his maternal aunt, all of the being loners at the time. His father always told little Remus stories about pack life, but that was the closest contact he ever had until long after both his parents died - his mother of illness during winter and his father of old age. For a couple of months he and his aunt stuck together, but when she found a mate and decided to have a family of her own, Remus left to find his own calling. 

For a good while he roamed the lands, followed his instincts, but never did he stay with anyone long enough to experience the various pups he must've sired being born. Not until Gonggoji's borders attracted Remus - and even more so did a beautiful silver she-wolf, who promised him greatness if only he joined their ranks. Before he knew it Remus found himself in a pit of self-destruction: A sadomasochistic pack with gruesome rituals. His first impulse was to leave, but the longer he stayed the more fond he grew of all these wolves and after a couple more days he already challenged the alpha for his title. A widely stupid decision, but at the time he was convinced to do the right thing. Within minutes of the battle he was taught otherwise; barely conscious and beaten Remus lost miserably - his prize was to have his tail removed. Last strength summoned to his legs the young adult got away by a whisker, aware he was unable to ever return to Gonggoji, but that the same time glad he had a reason to run as far from that place as possible. 

His experiences made him wary of other packs, but after a while the wounds healed - both physically and mentally. The next time pack borders lay beneath his feet, Remus didn't storm right in to join. Instead he lived on unclaimed land for months, lingered around the unknown territory and in the process got to know a wolf or two. With every passing day he grew more comfortable with the thought of joining yet another pack, which in the end lead him to finally breach borders and seek out Chandor's alpha.

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If only he had a twin brother named Romulus, then they'd be like the old tale of the human twins raised by a wolf :D (Big Grin)