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It's been about a year of experimenting with AI art. Not only have we seen more people take up AI image generators as a way to create art (albeit with low-effort spam - honestly, uploading a hundred versions of the same output is hardly creative), the AI models themselves have made leaps and bounds, both in art and in animation. I've been pushing to see how photorealistic these outputs can be, specifically for the Quicksand fetish side. Outputs like Safari Girl above have been the absolute gems. I thought previous versions were already good, but with updated photography models like Realistic Vision v5 and EpicRealism v5, the problems that plagued initial results are gone. It was barely months ago that we were struggling with morphed arms, fingers, teeth and boobs. Now, the models have incredible anatomical accuracy and the textures, especially with LoRAs, are BETTER than photography in some respects. But there's been an ongoing challenge with generating unique AI art. Again, it's
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Using ChatGPT, I create a thematic list of QS-related "sinking" topics for September. This is a genuine challenge to push AI QS artists to create images outside of what we normally spit out, but anyone can adapt these QS themes. Primeval Jungle Lost Explorer Desert Mirage Moonlit Struggle Treasure Hunter Ancient Rituals Fairy-tale Entrapment Gothic Elegance Apocalypse Survivor Wild West Wanderer Amazon Adventurer Mythical Being (e.g., mermaid or fairy) Shipwrecked Pirate Seasonal Captivity (e.g., autumn, winter, spring, summer) Nature's Deception Dystopian Future Mythological Dilemma Safari Explorer Galactic Traveler 20. Historic Era (e.g., Renaissance, Victorian) 21. Urban Explorer 22. Dreamer 23. Fantasy Queen 24. Magician's Trap 25. Naturalist Study 26. Warrior's Challenge 27. Arctic Explorer 28. Time Traveler 29. Undercover Agent 30. Nomad's Mistake
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Offering free photorealistic AI renders of OCs. Doesn't have to QS/WAM related. Just testing my current prompts. Remember that this is a FREE offer. Don't be a dick about your requests and don't make it absurdly difficult. If it's too much excess effort, I won't bother. Be nice, and I'll entertain it.
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