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First of all, hi guys! I'm sorry I haven't been active on Deviant Art for such a long looong time, and I feel like I won't really ever be active here again, for various reasons, but I just feel like writing it here.

Everytime I get to check DA, there are people who write me they miss my art, or asking me to submit something new because they want to see more, so for those of you who still don't know about this, I have tumblr blog!

I might not be active here, but I update my tumblr with drawings quite regularly, so if you're curious you can just check it out from time to time *3*~

Thank you all for still sticking by my side here, even though I wasn't active at all, you guys are too sweet=*

aaaanddd, here's tumblr
© 2015 - 2021 viria13
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i made me a tumbler account because of you thanks i think i still havent figured out how to use it :(
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Hi! I LOVE your work SO SO much!

I just wanted to ask, do you use a tablet of some sort to draw/ do you recommend anything?
(I'm looking for a tablet to draw fanart on)

You are such an AMAZING artist!
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You are such an amazing artist! If you ever did come back to Deviant art, could you PLEASE do a tutorial? I love your style so much. Thanks for the amazing drawings!
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you are an AWESOME artist, viria, and I hope you decide to come back :)
I know my big sister had always wanted to live to see the time you would draw Drew Tanaktu...  I don't think she ever got to see a Drew fanart of yours :(  But if you ever do draw Drew, I bet she'll smile down (or smile up, whatever)  and whisper her love of Drew.  She always thought Drew was the best character in the Heroes of Olympus.  
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damn pretty ukranians!
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Ahh man I don't have a Tumblr but I'll go see anyways
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I'll miss you on here but thankfully I follow you on tumblr too :) Btw I'm not sure if someone traced your work and passed it off as their own original Captain America fanart. I've left you a message in your tumblr ask, but idk if you've seen it yet. Just wanting to let you know about it cuz idk what to do. Keep up your lovely work! :love:
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The reason I even made a Tumblr in the first place was so I could follow you and keep seeing your fantastic art (:
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no way! same here :)
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awww man :( I don't have a tumblr.
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You can still stalk her's. XD I used to do so before I had my own account, too. :P (Sorry for replying to such an ancient comment. ^^;)
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lol I don't think i'm gonna stalk her XD but maybe I'll check out some of her artwork there. (Its alright! I enjoy all the feedback I get! :))
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awww! WE LOVE YOU!
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Happy Birthday!!! I like your work!!!
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I followed you on tumblr before da :v But... it wouldn't hurt to upload your stuff on dA too you know?  
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Dam, I still need a Tumblr.-.
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Viria,and you don't draw marauders any more? :С
they at you so remarkably turn out... 
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Yes! More Viria´s art!
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Yay somewhere I can see your art again :D
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Even if you have a tumblr, I'll still be watching you on deviantart no matter how inactive you are. Love you <3
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