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Hello guys!
The expressions tutorial I did for Wysp Learning Engine is finally on run! 

It contains of 20 separate panels, each of them are meant to show a process of how to draw faces and expressions; so if you are interested, you can try it out here:)

The learning engine allows you to try practicing on a digital canvas right there on the site, which is really helpful because you're able to see your progress instantly; and hopefully you will find the tutorial I did worth seeing!:aww:

There also are some other tutorials; such as male and female anatomy and dragons tutorials; so Wysp is definitely worth checking out, especially for young learning artists:)

Sorry I am not very active lately, but have a nice day, by the way;)
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Help I submitted art to this section and I don't know how to delete it, I want to delete it because it is about one character
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You mean this catagory? I can help ^^

So go to your gallery and find the drawing, click in it and when it loads. Over on the right side there should be a big button that says Edit, click it and it'll take you back to the submitting page. Scroll down to the catagorys and pick a different one then click the update button.
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Thanks I already changed the file. :3
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Wow, this is very helpful. Thanks!
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What app you use to draw?
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Wow. I used the free trial and its very helpful.
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oh my, I'm SO sorry. I didn't see the 'no requests' sign. I feel like an idiot. :(
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OMG! I feel like I'm meeting Rick Riordan in life! You are like my hero, Viria. I may not be an artist (painting, drawing etc), but I am a writer. And I wonder if, if it's not too much trouble, draw my oc? It would mean a lot to me! Thx
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Thanks for this I am more of an Anime/Manga artist and this might be helpful sometime.
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Awesome! Very cool!
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I should really go to bed early tonight but I want to try this SO badly... I just finished House of Hades and I made my own OCs and I just adore your fanart... Oh dear, what to do...
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THANK YOU, VERY, VERY MUCH.... WOW, i am p´racticing my bases again because I am trying to improve more as an artist <3
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And thank you for the tutorial!!! You're really awesome!!! :D (Big Grin) Hug :happybounce: Heart  (in a friendly way! hehe! Nod )
LumosHawthorn31725's avatar

I just clicked the "watch" button or something and when I got on you're page I saw your ID picture and OH MY GOSH!!!!! You are the most beautiful creature to walk this planet! (not to be a creep, but you are really pretty!!!!) You're art meets your beauty as well. You are SO pretty, and have amazing art!!!!! By the way, I'm a girl, I love almost everything you do and I'm new! Will you look at my art please? I'm already a HUGE fan!!!!! I LOVE YOU VIRIA!!! And if Viria is your real name, that is a very unique yet pretty name! Have a wonderful day Viria13!!!!!! :)
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what is your username
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Awesome thanks I appreciate it very much
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It is requiring me to pay... I can't even view the "free trial"
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YAAY! thasnk you!!
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Thank you Viria :) I need to practice my expressions.
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Thank's for this, I'll check it out!
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