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tumblr dump

.....didn't I submit a previous dump like ten days ago..? where did I get all these drawings? why there's so many of them?:O
well, I guess this is what happens when I pass my pedagogy with A. I am too happy and I can't control myself and draww draw draw drawww

also, sorry I am not really active with colouring things now, I just still have my finals and can't even do a normal lineart.. idk, I hope finals will end and will be more active here as well:)
but for those who still doesn't know, I always submit things on tumblr ([link]) so if you want you can follow me there:3 *self promotion ha*
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tahno is gonna make me cry!
CaryHorizons15's avatar
Who is this man that korra is with in the top left hand corner? Hmm? I've never seen him before
CaryHorizons15's avatar
Oh waita minute his name is Howl, is this a crack ship?
Clarity-Art's avatar
I believe it is. The great and brilliant Wizard Howl from Howl's Moving Castle. 

He is awesome.
CaryHorizons15's avatar
I'm okay with that☺️
Genderbend Tahno just looks like Asami XP
jsonka's avatar
Heh hee Now im just imagining Asami and Tahno together.. XD
Arcedemius's avatar
*sigh* thanks for all these. *w* my own boredom has gone quite nicely. much thanks.
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
Thano oddly reminds me of Loki
bageladventurers's avatar
THE LAST MAKORRA ONE *_______________________________*
Garlandgal1's avatar
Loving the Kataang one.
Iroh345's avatar
you never disappoint  :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy:
tealeafcoffee's avatar
do you ship kainora?
firestar541's avatar
Do you know any digital painters I can use that aren't too complicated but still good for decent art?
steampunkanimation's avatar
u should draw the teen titans and or generator rex!!!
this-is-a-paradox's avatar
GENDERBENT TAHNO YES  that is sooo funny! : DDD
100PERCENTFAN's avatar
I LOVE IT XD But with Tahno..... I NEEEED TO KNOW!!!!!! THEY NEEEEEED TO BRING HIM BACK!!!! AHHHHHHHHHsnuggy sob  sorry for the tantrum outburst.
Lady-Katsa's avatar
Are you trying to kill me with cuteness?! :happybounce: I think I've fainted. 
Ansa88's avatar
mai genderbent is AMAZING!!!
oh my gods. :3 AH HHH!!!
so much amazingness.
unipegusus's avatar
Makorra is cannon now, and now it's not :iconcryforeverplz:
100PERCENTFAN's avatar
Erix19's avatar
I predict they'll talk things out and get back together. I'm a Makorra shipper but I was happy to see the conflict that went on prior to this week's episodes. Makes the relationship more real. Relationships are not easy.
unipegusus's avatar
I do agree. I did like this weeks episodes a lot, but there wont be a new one till November 1st.
Erix19's avatar
I was wondering why there was a two-parter this week. Guess my thought of mid-season finale was spot on.
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