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the death of Fred

seriously,guys,I am masochist.
I can't deal with this mood.This is just what happens to me when I start thinking about Fred's death of George's 'life' after this-I start crying.
Sorry,there isn't a whole Weasley family,I couldn't keep myself drawing them because I kinda..yes,bawled my eyes out so..I flooded the tablet,haha.
and I'm not sure if I like the colours or not,but hope you'll like the drawing overall.
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Gorgeous and evocative.  And you're not alone--I just read an article about the filming of this scene.  Oliver Phelps was kneeling next to his brother James lying there "dead", and he thought "But what if James *was* dead?"  As soon as they said "cut" Oliver burst into tears, grabbed James, and said "I love you".  Whereupon James apparently realized what Oliver had been going through, also burst into tears, and said "I love you".  And everybody else just tiptoed around as if nobody was there until the twins recovered.
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me: sees
me: nO
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and then he dieD ;w;
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WElp good job I am now crying
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Ginny's expression just kills me  Chisaki Crying Icon You really captured the grief in this scene
Holy hit me right in the heart and hang it out to dry.
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The only thing that made me feel better about Fred dying was finding the bizarre crossover theory kicking around the Internet that George Weasley grew up to call himself Willy Wonka, hence everything in Wonka's office being mysteriously cut in half. :tears:

I really don't know if that made me feel better or worse, actually......

But that theory included a detail about George aka Willy finally finding emotional healing in his friendship with his Chocolate Factory apprentice, Charlie; inside Willie Wonka's twisted mind somewhere, George Weasley would get a second chance with a kindred spirit. :cry: 
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No offence but, Jesus, that's partly terrifying (because Willy Wonka is kind of INSANE) and also so, so, so sad... Poor Georgie...
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Yeah, he IS insane.... but I'd say healing is getting over that... :)
May have taken decades, but IMO it's still better than Georgie remaining solo forever more.... :cries:
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Yeah, that's true...
Poor Georgie shouldn't be alone forever...
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So many feelings 😭
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Who DOESN'T like the Weasley twins?

I wish JKR would just kill off the characters I hate, and nobody else, but what are the chances of that?
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Fred was my favorite. Then he died.
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I'm gonna crie. That's... Words fail me. They was twins! Twins!! D':
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Damn it, who gave you permission to cause me feels
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it is beautiful, but...
my eyes tear every time i see someting like this ;;;
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aNd yEt aGaIn yOu pLaY wItH mY fEeLs lIkE a ToY 
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I could've just stabbed myself multiple times and felt the same.
*breaks down*
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