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that one romione kiss

By viria13
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how many versions I drew for this one scene, I wonder:"D
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This looks like Rick Riordan's art style... y e s

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I'm so glad about the fact that you DID draw Ron's scars... Everyone seems to forget that, jusr as Harry and Hermione, his body kept a mark from this war.
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And don't forget about Draco 
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not that Draco is really important......
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I... don't remember of Draco getting any physical scar from the war?... Then again, I can be wrong, but actually I didn't name him here because he isn't a part of the golden trio. :3
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Its the Dark Mark on his arm. Technically it isn't a scar, its a tattoo, but it's like a scar.
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That's such a beautiful pic and thank you so much for drawing romione :love:, this pairing is so awesome and soooo underrepresented...
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awww I don't even care about the ships that much because no matter what the art is amazing
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not a fan of romione (dramione is the best <3 ) but that's so cute !!
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I love all the versions x)
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The details you have put into this are stunning. This captures the feeling of the book perfectly. 
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This is better than the book and movie combined
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when your screaming because its too adorbs
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It's never too much :D
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So beautiful. I LOVE your Ron and Hermione! His scars <3 her hair! <3 
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I love this scene and your drawing of it.
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There are never too much scenes for this anyways!
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What book is this
WhisperingPhantasm's avatar
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Oh dear lord, that seems really obvious now...
I must have been extremely tired when I made that comment :')
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Haha that’s okay! It happens to all of us :)
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I love how her feet are coming off the ground.
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