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sun-filled memories

idk what the title is, I am not sure whether I can say so or not, tell me if it's not correct.

anyway I did this

I did this and my head hurts

but I did this:D

I needed more of my precious little pranksters<33 There is no Peter since I think he ‘joined’ them later, not in the very first meeting.. although I am not sure if this is the first meeting but it was supposed to be..hehe:D

backgrounds are evil I can’t draw those

don’t mind me

Also, if you can guess whose owl it is your house gets 5 points:D or 10. or 50, take as much as you like.

take a hint: look at her eyes. O_O
look closely
closely O_________________________________O
now, who do you think the owner is?:D

uh guys
it's actually James' owl, haha:D look at those terrified eyes, I wonder what the boy did to her she became so scared of her owl life:D
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omg i love this so much can u pls make a comic seried of the marauders at Hogwarts?? XDD u probably wont cuz this is commented on such an old piece cuz i just discovered this :D thats ok ill just fangirl in my corner Emote Spin
Imma just like oh its Remus' 
*reads description* 
oh its  james
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I guess I always just assumed that, because Remus was an introvert, James and Sirius took no notice of him at first----because they assumed he was boring----until after a few months into the school year when they finally realized this quiet kid who never talked to anybody had a mysterious routine of breaking curfew. If it involved breaking rules, it should involve James and Sirius, and so the two investigated. But instead of games, or pranks, or other normal harmless things, they discovered that Remus was a werewolf. That's just my theory. I've read some back-story stuff on Pottermore but don't remember seeing anything canon about the Marauders' earliest schooldays. :shrug:

I got the feeling that Peter was a late addition to their clique as well, but never put much thought into it. Now that you bring it up, makes sense to me that he was probably a year or two (or three) younger than James, Sirius, and Remus; after the oldest three graduated, Peter would have had to find himself a new clique for the remainder of his time at Hogwarts, and THAT was probably when he fell-in with the future-DeathEaters. When his old friends weren't around at the time to remind Peter of how distorted the Slytherins could get. (Obviously, I'm a Gryffindor. :XD:)

I LOVE your art, btw!! :D
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Remus' owl, the owl's eye colour is the same as Remus'! Nice touch BTW
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The owl is Lupin's :D 
But why Lupin has got a brown eyes?
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Well, the books never said what color his eyes were, so I guess we're free to imagine. :D
It is so cute <3
This reminds me of uncle Max's rv in Ben ten
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it's so cute QvQ
RealSunsetShimmer's avatar
I am so in love with this xD
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Awawawa they're so cute~
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Everyone looks so on point. This is so awesome. :'D 
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Remus looks fantastic!
Have you already made a story with them?
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Is it really bad that i want desperately to give your little Remus a plush hand-knit cardigan, and make him sit on my crossed legs and hug for an indefinite amount of time? That presh lil bby. 
I wonder if Remus has his nickname yet?
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For some reason, Sirius looks like Nico form Percy Jackson, but it's still good. :)
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james is so cute in this even if he's such a jerk at the beginning. 
can u put a turitol on girlbodys
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Sun-filled memories . . . . . you brought back memories of my own with my own friends. . . . . . . . 
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James looks like he's already listing pranks they could do :D
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Maybe the owl knows Lupin's secret and is scared to be so close to him
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