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she is the sunlight

I guess I felt inspired enough to paint some Lily Evans while experimenting with colouring.

and strangely I love the result. I really love the result of something I did omg *_*
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This is such a beautiful picture! I love her hair!
Lizztale's avatar
I wish I looked this good XD
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Harry, your mother was hot!
Autumn-Souls's avatar
Would I be able to use this as a cover photo for a fanfiction story? I'd name you as the author and I of course wouldn't get anything out of it. 
Moriquesse's avatar
It's absolutly awesome :)
Art-unleashed101's avatar
God, she's beautiful. You've an amazing gift.
Annabeth1313's avatar
i almost thought this was rachel dare
TheOnlyWaffle13's avatar
Sorry, but who is this? What book? it looks wonderful though
TheOnlyWaffle13's avatar
OH NVM. I hadn't read HP when I wrote that. i know who it is.
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If Rachel got her hair strightened
CrazyFangirl15's avatar
that's what I thought
CrazyFangirl15's avatar
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Simply beautiful <3
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everytime i look at this picture i just have to try and re-like it and then realize, dammit i've already done it! it's just so nice
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This is so amazing. Ideal Lily Evans. Have you done a self portrait like this for James as well? 
aliciamartin851's avatar
Great picture of Lily potter:thumbsup:
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