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Bf and I were rewatching harry potter recently, actually finished by now, and I felt a lot of strong feelings and lskjdalsd and tears and emotions so I had to draw my precious children before shit started to finally go down.
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I love your artwork, not only the Harry Potter ones but the PJO - HoO ones as well. Heart from Canada.

Just amazing, congratulations. You made a perfect job!!!

Greetings from México 😊

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I say, top work! : )
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GAaaaaaah your Ron is absolutely perfect on this! Such a tall cookie ♥
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It's very beautiful to see how people represent characters and places in books =)
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this is so good!
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I'm in love with your colouring and drawing style!! c:
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I just watched Harry Potter yesterday and finished a digital piece of him so the nostalgia and empathy are both killin' me. 
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Also Harry's hair is perfection and I wish it could be my aesthetic. 
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your  a gizzard, mary
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Hello, I was wondering if you could please give me feedback on a video I made called pokemon flash games play though if you wanna check it out.…

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STOP! thus is not a pro.otion site!
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SO CUTE AWW~~~ favorited :love:
My kids are reading HP now. I belive they are on the third book now.
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I just had a wave of nostalgia 
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you like harry potter???
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