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modern gaang

..even though Mai is not exactly a part of gaang and I was way too lazy to draw Suki.

maybe one day I will finish it with Azula, Ty Lee and Suki, but I was really tired and lazy and didn't have much ideas.

hope you'll like it<3

and maybe you'd better download it or something...
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It's how she shows affection.

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wait but...toph can't see XD

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aang and katara are so cute!!

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according to the picture, toph's fist hasn't touched sokka yet, but he says, "ouch" all the same

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Toph's shirt...How would that even be possible...?
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That's the joke....

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<333*height difference*<333
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I want Aang's sweater.
What makes it easier to draw Mai than Suki? Is it the make-up?
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The Avatar fandom was never gone and will never be gone. never Ever EEEVVVEEERRR.
love this modern take Viria13 nice job
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Not hating, just curious as to why the Avatar fandom is making a comeback.
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Because it's now on Netflix and people are revisiting it and newer fans are coming into the fandom, people who didnt have nick back then (me)

And people who weren't born before 2005 (me)

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This was drawn in 2012 so really it might not be 😂. It's just on the front page.
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Excellent work! I hope to see if you ever round it out with the rest of the crew...
So coool! 💕Love it
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Oh, OH I get why Toph's shirt says that now. :D
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Mah heart mah soul with this drawing
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Great Image

Fernando Coutinho
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I love your art work +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel :D (Big Grin) 
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lol "boomerang guy"

this is really nostalgic, thank you
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