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how Ginny should have looked.

Don't get me wrong.
I like Bonnie, I really do-but Ginny's character was portrayed quite... WRONG in the movies. Still like Bonnie.
But I decided to draw some sort of a bit-less-cartoonish-version-of-book-Ginny.
two Ginny Weasley drawings in one day feels wrong XD

though, hope you'll like:aww:
I know, I know, this colouring...OLD
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Oh my god! Perfect!!!
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finally someone agrees
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yeah she should have looked like this
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yes! this is perfect :3
bonnie is awesome, it's not her fault that she was supposed to play a dull character :/ they wrote ginny sooo wrongly in the movies
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Yes she should of but it would be hard to find someone that looks like that
YES! EXACTY! Thank you very much, mly thoughts, exacty!!!
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This is exactly how I picture her. Holy crap
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This is the best Ginny I have ever seen! :) this is exactly how she should have looked in the movies. Love it :heart:
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I think that the book Ginny is like that, not that I don't love her but I always imagined her like this:)
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Omg ... Amazing, simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
She looks like Tris, from Divergent. 
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beautifully done
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Aaaaand there's my new phone wallpaper.
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Omg she's so pretty *-*
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what programme do you use??
Tabbynerdicat's avatar princess fiona?
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This is amazing!!!!!!!!

(telepathically steals your powers)

(what program do you use??)
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I agree, I like Bonnie too and agree with Ginny!
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She is so beautiful..<3

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