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his choice

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feel bad
well known R.A.B.
it only seems to me,ot I am really the one person who draw him?:O
I want more Regulussss art:(
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I try someday...I afraid to ruin him....
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Poor Regulus...
I would make more Regulus art for you, but alas, I cannot draw. At least not with any of your obvious skill.
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Regulus <3 One more picture and you'll make me cry... I think I'm in love with him... I draw Regulus, too but I draw on normal paper and don't have it on my laptop.
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I want more Regulus arts, too!
But, well... I love this picture. :D
Anyway, poor Regulus... what a sad death! :(
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Can you draw more Roxanne and Sirius pleeeeeaaase????? I just love them :$
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...I really am kinda favourite everything, aren't I?
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Dannii-rawr14Hobbyist General Artist
"Look at this bar of soap"
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chester118Student Digital Artist
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You know, Rowling once drew a parallel between Draco and Regulus that really struck my imagination: both were indoctrinated and raised to believe Voldemort's ideals, and both were pushed to become Death Eaters. Yes, they went into it because they believed his ideals - but neither of them actually knew, or were able to comprehend, the scale of mass murder that Voldemort was willing to undertake to achieve his goals. When they both realized what Voldemort was really looking for, they wanted to turn tail and run - but it was far, far too late to back out. I think even Sirius said to Harry that when his parents began to comprehend the terror that Voldemort was willing to cause, they started to have second thoughts about supporting him - but it was too late. He calls Regulus an idiot in the books for looking to back out of being a Death Eater and that it "got himself killed."

The difference between Draco and Regulus, however, is why I love Regulus so much: Draco didn't have the courage to outright defy Voldemort like Regulus did. I remember a scene from the 7th book quite vividly where Harry is looking through Voldemort and watching him torture one of the Death Eaters - and then he makes Draco unleash the Cruciatus curse on the Death Eater. Draco very clearly doesn't want to do it. He's downright terrified - but he does it anyway.

Draco's terror causing him to not defy Voldemort is understandable and very human - but Regulus defying Voldemort is obviously more admirable, and human as well XD. Sirius also said something to the effect of "If you want to take a look at what a man is really like, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals." Regulus snapped and defied Voldemort when he discovered the torture and abuse Voldemort put Kreacher through to secure his Slytherin Horcrux locket, even though he had volunteered Kreacher for the job in the first place. I don't think Regulus (or anyone) knew what Voldemort was going to be using Kreacher to do.

The way Kreacher was so utterly devoted to Regulus went beyond the slavish worship that we see him give his mother's portrait in the 5th book, which makes me think that Regulus and Kreacher were quite close when growing up. Maybe Kreacher protected Regulus when Sirius got into nasty fights with their parents over blood purity?
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Although Regulus tried really hard to be good, he kinda made things harder for Dumbledore and The Trio overall :/ xxx Ah well, he's related to Sirius soo ^_^ <3
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SKatInkStudent Traditional Artist
i completely love his eyes, hair, and mysterious air. soo awesomazing!!!
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M3535Hobbyist Writer
I love your Regulus!
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He's looking so much with someone I know, but can't tell you who, cause I don't remember, lol. Loved it, anyway (I think I'm in love with every single art of yours, really). Gray Scale really suits the Blacks, uh? Even though here it's green and don't gray, but seems like gray, so x)
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LordoftheHallowsHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing!! Not many people do Regulus artwork and it's really nice to find stuff like this :D
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Wow!!! He is just like I imagined :D
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can i just favorite this a million times? i love it.
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Aww..... this picture really makes me want to get off my lazy ass and continue my Regulus/OC fanfic. You really do draw him well.
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I love Regulus!!! you draw him really great!
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D: R.I.P. R.A.B.
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brandi3981Hobbyist General Artist
nah i've seen others draw him but usually w/ sirius & or during school I think he has enough fangirls 4 a club if not then maybe the black boys/bros w/e
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I love black&white...
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Oh my gol. This is so heart-wrenchingly beautiful.
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Ahhh - I love it! His face is very ... I don't know, proper? for the occasion. He looks so serious and determined! I dunno if anyone else draws Regulus, but you certainly do it the best!
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leocat777Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
kreacher too would be cool XD
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