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he's gone.

favourite bookworm:heart:
Harry Potter and deathly hallows.too lasy to do something else and Harry and background..
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So many words and emotions in one picture! Love her jumper <3 
Glanzfell's avatar
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Oh my gosh!!!! Favorite Hermione picture yet :) Your work is amazing! This is what fan art should be.
Cheezestixshallrule's avatar
Her shoes. I want them :) Anyway, it's just as awesome as the rest of your stuff
lovelyjuliexo's avatar
what's she reading? i can't see the title.
Herald-MageAnduli's avatar
Tales of Beedle the Bard. Had to look close to see it.
V-Apostrophe's avatar
Love her style !
FizzyXIII's avatar
poor hemione!! awwwws i love this pic :D
awweshum ;)
blkwhtrbbt's avatar
Whenever you finish this, you should have images from the book in the BG. That would be epic! You know, the duel between Harry and Voldemort, and a comparison to the the Dumbledore/Grindelwald duel.
Zireael07's avatar
I love the style and the colors. Brilliant!
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I love this because it's creepily like me. My purple jeans, pink sweater, hightops (purple though), even my chair! (which I have a Ottoman to but still, books to, and finally its well done.
Awww... love her ripped jeans.
tigerlily003's avatar
she looks like she's wearing ron's clothes [:
Greti30's avatar
I love Hermione's Oh-I-miss-him-so-much expression on her face . :)
It is so sad. :(
frytka's avatar
great pose, clothes (polo-neck wow).
I like especially that background is white and we only see red armchair with shadow.
MirroredNightmare's avatar
Love this! your style is great <3
LindyArt's avatar
Awww, I'm rereading the Deathly Hallows again before the movie. I cant wait to get to this part... so much drama, lol. Wonderful picture! :D I love the feelings that you portrayed in this drawing. You captured this part in the book so well ^___^
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Aw, poor Hermione! But great pic!
whispering-woods-616's avatar
CONVERSE! :iconlaplz: This is a great pic, wonderful!
AlinaLuna's avatar
*О* мечтаю об уютном кресле с интересной книгой и чаем.
так нээээ. сижу и делаю алгебру -_-
OtterAndTerrier's avatar
Poor dear, Beedle must have reminded her of Ron :(

Great job, I love it and I didn't even pay attention to the lack of background, haha. Maybe she was in her private bubble ;D
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