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hair-eyes tutorial

because many of you guys asked for tutorials...and these two are something I guess I can quite explain.
I submitted it on tumblr a while ago, but since not all of you guys follow me there..I figured I might submit it

even though I am not good at explaining and all this stuff.
feel free to use hairdresses and eyes(if you find where to use it) anyway:heart:
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 You are the best artist I have ever come across and you really are worthy of drawing the official art for pjo. Even though thats not all you draw. Keep up the good work!
(Btw I think solangelo is better than percico, but you pick yours) <3
Thank you! This is very helpful.
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This helped me so much
Ally12120's avatar
I found the key to life.
lynx59's avatar
exactly Clap :D (Big Grin) Wink/Razz 
arleebean's avatar
This is super helpful! :D 
AmiliaChristine's avatar
Lovely! Your style must be one of my favorites.
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dis is awesome!

by the way, what is a hairdress?
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This is really helpful but the second step for drawing the eyes, oh my goodness, abort, abort, it creeped the heck out when I was scanning through the tutorial for the first time. But this is very very helpful, thanks!
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xD I love the Avatar references, this shall be quite helpful in le future... when I decide to draw more often... which will likely be not anytime soon
DBrentOGara's avatar
This was super cool and very helpful, thanks for sharing! :D
Angelina-L's avatar
This looks really helpful, thanks for uploading this! I'm going to have to come back here often, since all of MY hair styles on people look almost exactly the same on each one... *sighs* 
By the way, I love your art. You're extremely talented. :)
BluberySmile5108's avatar
NO PERCY!! SERIOUSLY!!! I really love how you draw though.
NeoniZigzagoon's avatar
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Love all the Avatar and Harry Potter lol
AWeirdoWithAPencil's avatar
whoops you zuko'd XD
Sheepgirl145's avatar
Thank you much! :3
OpaIescent's avatar
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Brilliant tutorial :D
But the HP references...
Lobie5's avatar
Love the Avatar references you made. XD
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