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fashion princesses P1

so, I drew this quite a long ago, didn't submit because I thought I would finish it. But I felt too lazy and didn't want to do anything and felt like I don't want all my time spending on this one turning into nothing, haha.
therefore I submit it.. unfinished. I hope I will do the second part of princesses though. Because I can't not draw Rapunzel and Anastasia (yes I know she's not disney but she would be a cool looking fashion princess). Just don't let the laziness get over me.

At first I was going to draw hipster princesses, but got that I am not quite sure if I know the right meaning of 'hipster' so , just fashion.( quite at least)
I chose their daily outfits as colour base, because they are way more fun. And I didn't really care about princesses actual features, so yeah.. Plus I know I absolutely failed Ariel, but whatever.
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Pocahontas is too cool!
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Ariel and Cinderella looking hot!!! 😀
tigergirl48051's avatar
I love Cinderell's style
ariieve's avatar
im in love with your snow white omg
AlienGooPrincess's avatar
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They all look great.
Shadeila's avatar
Tiana is so pretty *u*
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It's official, there exists no picture of Ariel where her hair looks anything but flawless. Dat ponytail. (I want Snow's apple necklace.)
freeza-frost's avatar
cool!  love their looks! :D
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viria13 lovely work. I'm hoping to get permission to use this image and the fashion princesses P2 image to create writing prompts for students. For educational purposes. ie, retell a Disney story but the princess is now a hipster. Just something different to sell for small profit to other teachers. Let me know if we can come to some sort of agreement.
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All great, but I especially love Pocahontas, Snow White and Ariel! 
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Hi. I just wanted to tell you that somebody traced your work.…
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I just want to say that I found a cropped picture of this while I was surfing and I managed to tracked you down because fortunately, part of your name was not cut off. I tracked down this just to favorite this, but after checking your profile, I am going to +watch you.

and its true...

You are very beautiful. :)
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Cool! You know, these are all over Polyvore. People make outfits inspired by them.
Superartist825's avatar
Love Ariel's hair 
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ermergerds I luv disLove 
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I truly love this outfits and my favorite in this one is surely Pocahantas's, she looks much mature compared to the others and it's very well accorded to her personality as I always imagined her. :)
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Way cool!  I love 'em!  Snow White is still my Favorite!  Thanks for sharing!!!
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This is so well designed!
Love them :)
Studio-Of-Vim's avatar
Okay. . not sure if you knew this or not -- but this photo is circulating on another 'fan' page on FB.…

I recognized it on there and thought you should know, just incase you didn't give permission <3 
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from all your girls Pocahontas looks like a model
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Amazing! Great job :)
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I love these. You have a real eye for designing outfits, I admire that.

It's hard to pick which I love/would wear the most, but I'd have to say Tiana, even though I don't wear skirts often. I really dig those boots.
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