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cuddle naps are the best

because this is a well-known fact cuddle-naps are the best naps:P

so, since my friend and me keep developing a story, there's another drawing (I am actually really satisfied with)

here are Rikka(aka firebender version of me), Asha(aka waterbender version of my friend), Lik (aka oc) and Leppy(aka Molemongoose-kleptomaniac who is also in love with Lik)

well, my avatar inspiration won't stop so simply.
that's it.. hope you'll like it:heart:
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Am i the only one who thought this was Velma Daphne and Fred from a distance XD 
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Its so cute. Nice work!
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your work has been featured here [link]
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:clap: Wonderful... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: J'adore. :) :love: :heart:
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o_o I wish I could draw like you. It would make my Republic City RP so much easier to explain my character appearance XD
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is that a blonde avatar character??
spikedpsycho's avatar
You ever seen a natural blonde Asian?
rckrgirl's avatar
nope, but i heard of a ginger asian once O.O
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I like how Lik is sleeping. XD
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Cute... Um is he touching her necklace?? Asha's I mean...
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this is amazing. Do you use water paint?
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I can't wait to read the story! :D
floating-cranes-726's avatar
cuddle naps are indeed the best :D and these poses are flawless.
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Beautiful artwork and great characters ^__^
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D'aaaw, awesome :D
Iawatha's avatar
I love the way you draw (and I both love Harry Potter and Avatar, so it's perfect!). I've been follonwing your work for a while now but never commented for an account is needed... At least, now it's done ^^
Keep on this way! :D

ps: Yes you're right, cuddling nap really are the best !
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I love this coloring style the best, I think. It's cleaner.
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i love this, your characters are so cute napping!
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