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a very bad face tutorial

223K Views someone who completely sucks at explaining..
oh god
I am sorry I can't explain things good:C
I didn't mention here how to draw eyes and hair, since I have already done [link]

hope you'll find this crap at least a bit helpful..
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I love this, it's so informative and i use it all the time! Thanks!
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Oh my , I thought that I would fail on making the side faces. Guess I was wrong! Oml thank you sooo much for this! :o
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i can't explain how helpful this is.
i just recently got a DeviantArt account, but i've been using this tutorial for a quite a long time to help with my drawings :3
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Are you kidding??? This "nonsense" helped me so much! Love karkat in there btw.
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A friend showed me this! It helps quite a lot!
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help im too lazy to read

but this was very helpful
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your tutorials are the most helpful by far. I'm so glad you made these tutorials, and I'm grateful for the hard work u put into them. (plus u don't bore the reader to death with words u r a really funny person!)
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Suprize Karkat................. You know, I was using this tutorial to try and draw homestuck characters.
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This helps a lot!
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Woah wait Karkat why are you here

A wild Karkat appeared! Karkat used CAPS!
Oh no! Karkat's CAPS button broke!
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this was perf
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What do you mean "Nonsense" THIS HAS HELPED ME SO MUCH
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You will have a great influence on my style.
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this is amazing, thank you!
Suddenly, karkat.
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this sort of actully helped*Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen 
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And then there's Karkat.
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