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You'll never be alone.

hmm,did I like...drew the golden trio?:O
haha,don't know,felt SO MUCH to draw them:heart:
hope you'll like:aww:

I must say I am in love with Ron here.

EDIT: oh guys aslkdalsdkjasda aaaaaaaaa
thanks for all the views and comments and icons and faves I love you aaaaaa :iconbigheartplz:
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10 years later and this is still one of the most amazing pieces of artwork on the trio out there. It fills my heart with warmth. Thank you so much for making this.

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What a heartwarming picture!

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And that is lovely.

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Alvin and the chipmunks?
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I don't like Harry Potter, but this art is really good I had to favorite they all look so cute. 
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Brings back memories 
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awww so cute Distressed Bendy emoticon 
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Harry's got his Marauder's Map and Hermione her bag. :)
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It's just perfect. Just how they looks in my head
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These three will always be my favorites!
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I will always love these three.
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Danisnotonfire: FEELS AAAA - Halloween Emote Asriel Dremurr (SPOILERS) Send halp.. the feels. (i read all the books and watched all the movies so it especially hurts me T~T)
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Ron you're so tall!!!

Ahhh I love this, it sedates my nerdiness for this fandom... IneedmoreHarryPotter
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Brilliant work, would have been improved even more by having it run as a well looped GIF, to behave as if it were a wizarding photograph!
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The Harry Potter books are so good. And so are the movies. I mention this because if they decide to make an animated Harry Potter movie, you should make the designs! :D
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This is awesome! Nice Job!
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