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Wild ones.

Yeah, James, I agree with Sirius on this one:D

I missed drawing them, really. So I felt like I should make something good... if this one could be considered as such.
Also I listened to Jerry Lee Lewis-Wild one, so that's the reason of the title:)

Not much of a description here, but I really hope you'll like this:heart:
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The feels are strong with this oneWaaaah! 
spiritlit's avatar
the nostalgia is strong ugh Gloomy 
JulieMakimot's avatar
Look funny and cute
PixelBreakfastTime's avatar
Yes it can. It can get waaaay worse. Mwuhahahaha.
Kelse-draws's avatar
stop breaking my heart with these hecking bros DX
RoseLiaeThorneLondos's avatar
MislamicPearl's avatar
Geeee why are they all so perfect!
KupferArt's avatar
Oh I love this picture, because I can feel here there friendship ^-^
aliciamartin851's avatar
I only like James,black and lupin out of these guys,great pic:hug:
daddysgirl12345's avatar
I zoomed in and was looking at each of there faces and saw Remus Sirius and James looking flawless.... And then I saw Peter... And I laughed
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"So who are your idols? People you look up to?" 
Other people: "Mother Teresa" "Ghandi" "Martin Luther King Jr" 
Me: "Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs." 
laurenmaughan1833's avatar
wormtail is a very bad rolemodel, with the whole betraying friends and helping voldemort and all. the others are great rolemodels to look up to
TheOnlyWaffle13's avatar
I hadn't read all the books when I posted this... Now that I know what he did I honestly hate his guts. Still like all the other Marauders though!
summer-vibes's avatar
My favorite picture in the entire universe.
SummerandFairies's avatar
This is really one of my favourite pictures in the world. I really mean it. I first found it on WeHeartit and completely fell in love with it. I so happy I found your profile here because I reallya like your art Love La la la la Heart 
redflameninja's avatar
Dem expressions :D (Big Grin) 
aiden-sneezes's avatar
so much feels. also the fingerless gloves T.T
FrostedHope12's avatar
why is harry's hand gripping onto air??
ThreeBrccmsticks's avatar
I think he's about to punch Sirius' chin, in a playful way tho
foxlady360's avatar
It's not Harry it's his dad and he is grabbing seirus's coat thing
FrostedHope12's avatar
right, James is what i meant :P i knew that
but the band is not in front of his palm...?
foxlady360's avatar
Oh I see what you mean I'm guessing that it was just a mistake
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